Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing Weekend

It's Friday! I tell ya, this week couldn't be over fast enough. Now that it's finally winding down, I'm taking a day to relax and focus on this one particular writing project. I've been going over index cards this morning, and making a quickie scene chart on a sheet of printer paper. I got about 3k words into the story yesterday, and my hero informed me he was someone entirely different from the guy I was writing. He then folded his arms and refused to say another word to me until I set the record straight. Well, who am I to argue?

Late last night, I sat down and listened to my character tell me his story. It was vastly different than what I'd planned for him. Nevertheless, I took his word for it. I reworked his personal history, gave him a brand new name, gave him new issues, and then plugged him back into the story. Wow, what a difference changing the hero's name and background makes! After working out a few tiny details that no longer fit with the story the way it was before, I noticed the project feels much more cohesive now. I guess he was right after all. With that done, I'm ready to move forward.

I pretty much know where I'm coming and going with the story. Still, I'm making a scene sheet so I can read through it and check for things I might've missed, such as dropped story threads, inconsistencies in characterization, scene gaps, plot holes, and a number of other things. Usually anything out of place with the story will stand out when I'm reading through it this way. Too, I'll save the sheet and use it again later to write my synopsis. Having a scene sheet on hand makes writing the synopsis virtually pain-free.

So there you have it. For the next few days, I'll be writing this story. When I have all the scenes in order, I'm going to sit down, no excuses, and jot the story down from beginning to ending. I'll beef it up from there.

This will be my last "write all night and write all day" weekend for the month of February, so I'm going to make it count. Next weekend, on March 2-3rd, I'll be at the Written in the Stars conference in Shreveport, LA. After that, my schedule is in the air. We're flying out to Great Lakes (north of Chicago) in a few weeks, but we're still waiting for a set-in-stone date for Oldest's graduation. Oh the joys of last minute scheduling...but I digress.

I better get to work. My characters are calling. They're nagging me for making them wait. Oh well, you won't hear me complain. I'd rather have chatty characters than characters who don't want to talk to me at all. ~ Happy weekend, everyone!  ;o)

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