Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Writerly Bits: Worksheets

February 1st!  How the heck did that happen? Man oh man, January went by fast. I turned over my calendar this morning and my eyes boggled at all the events and deadlines this month. That's okay, because I'm gonna take it one day at a time. And one project at a time - because I have several on the hook the right now. {g}

A bit of news before I really get going with today's blog post... While on Facebook yesterday, I saw KnightWatch Press posted a picture of the back of one of the upcoming ZOMpokalypse comic books. It's a full page advertisement for their available now and coming soon books. You can see the original posting, by going here: I'm mentioning this, because check it out - at the bottom of the ad, by the UPC symbol, Ultimate Angels is on there. Yay! My short horror/urban fantasy-ish story Prince of Thorns is in that volume. I'll post more about it when the anthology is released.

On to other writerly things... I stayed up entirely too late last night building a new story - which is how I've come to view writing in the past year. We don't just write stories, we build stories. I've been focusing lately on writing character driven projects, rather than plot driven. There are differences. In character driven stories, the characters are driven to do what they do by internal motivations. And in plot driven stories, the characters are driven to do what they do by external motivations. Anyway, I digress...

To help me along with this shift in my writing, I'm using printable worksheets to help me in the planning stages of a story. I know these are old as the hills, so go ahead and have a giggle. I google and download most of my worksheets for free. They're simply printouts with various blanks you fill in to cover character attributes, or details about settings in your book. Scene charts, etc. Whatever is on there.

You've probably seen similar sheets in writing craft books, and of course, online. You're not allowed to redistribute them or anything, but they're still good for your personal projects and I recommend searching around for sheets that you like if you're interested in using that kind of thing.

I've noticed the sites tend to come and go, so I print up copies of the really good ones and save them in a binder. That way I can make physical copies and use them over and over again. Like I said, google search for writer forms, character sheets, whatever you want to call them. One of my favorite resources for free downloadable worksheets that still exists, is here: Be sure to follow the rules for usage if you download any of these.

These sheets are great for most projects, but I sometimes have to use some of my own, homemade sheets, since I mostly write fiction/romances/erotica with paranormal elements. The worksheets I've found don't cover those aspects.

My personal worksheets are geared toward paranormal romances, both erotic and non-erotic. I'm very busy this month, and it's only going to get worse as March nears, but I'm going to try to format and post my paranormal worksheets to my website as soon as possible. Maybe this week, IF I can get to it. I'm also going to add them to my page - so if you're subscribed to my Scribd, you'll automatically see it come up once I've added it.

Mini just got home, so I better take off and help him get through his homework. Here's hoping today went better for him than yesterday! :o)
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