Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romance at the Library 2012

Gorgeous display of our books in the Bossier
Parish History Center.
Happy Saturday, everyone. I'm in my pajamas and have a glass of wine, so I'm all set for blogging. Actually, I'm a few minutes shy of bedtime, and thought I'd do a quick recap of the day. I got up at 6 a.m. to drive to Bossier City for the 2012 Romance at the Library event hosted by Friends of the Library, the Bossier Parish Library History Center, and the Nola Stars chapter of the RWA. I hope I listed all those organizations correctly.

I arrived early, and sat in on the monthly Nola Stars meeting. The February lecture was about getting the most out of your conference experience, since many of us are gearing up for the Written in the Stars conference March 2-3, and/or Nationals in July.

As for the library event, we had a rotating panel that consisted of published authors Lenora Worth, Beth Cornelison, Winnie Griggs, Connie Cox, Keri Ford, and Amy Talley. Oh, and I was in there, too. {g}

I had a really good time talking about books, chatting with friends, and talking about my werewolves and vampires.

A close up shot of my my book covers
in the display. <3 
Overall, I had a very good day. I'm thoroughly exhausted - long drives do that to me - so I'm calling it an early night. I'm going to sit under the lamp in the bedroom and read till I zonk out. Night, night! ;o)


  1. Sounds like a great time! Rest well.

  2. It really was a lot of fun. Great listening to our published authors spill about ideas, the industry, and other fun stuff. :)

    1. Great seeing you at the event! :)


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