Monday, February 27, 2012

From Scratch : 2920

It's conference week! This Friday and Saturday (March 2-3), I'll be at the Written in the Stars conference in Shreveport, LA.

All this week I'll be preparing for my trip, and taking care of last minute arrangements. Fun, no? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and chatting books and industry stuff this weekend!

I'm off and running with my story. Before I started writing last night, I cut the original 3k I started out with.  I put it in a separate file as a salvage piece. It's good writing, but I wrote it before the hero told me he wasn't saying another word until I got his history and identity straight. That being the case, once I had his details down, I started over from scratch. It gave the story a much sexier, immediate beginning. The stakes are higher, it has a more developed hook, and the characterization is deeper and more interesting. So, off we go!

Yesterday, I managed to rake in a total of 2920 words before went to bed at 1am. Not quite enough words to make up for what I cut, but it's closer to my envisioned concept so I'll take it. Today's goal is 2500 words. I'm a day behind on my word count goals - granted, the goal is very loose at this time. I can't go into writer immersion mode this week because conference is coming up, but I'd still like to have somewhere between 8-10k before I leave for Shreveport.

This is going to be a novella between 15-25k in length. I do have a specific target in mind. I'm testing out several of the new techniques I've learned over the past month or so. These are big changes for me. I'm basically going from plot driven to character driven writing. If I can handle the changes on this scale, I'll be trying these same techniques on a novel-length book once this story is out the door.  So far, so good.

I'll be posting progress updates as I write the story. Next week, I'll write a recap on the conference. Hopefully I'll get around to uploading my new character creation worksheets on my website, too. So much to do, so little memory space.{g}


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    +1 following,, < looks at yr writing and realises we have the same influences >

    1. Thanks for adding me :)


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