Saturday, January 07, 2012

Writing, Plans, and Writing Plans

Ooh. That was close. I had just enough ink left to print up a copy of the short erotica story I've been working on for the past few days. I finished writing it late last night, when I was between cold medicine doses and couldn't breathe well enough to sleep. 

If I can manage to wrap my brain around the words, I'm going to start polishing this thing today. I work much slower when I'm sick. It's completely frustrating. But the story isn't very long, and it's not a complicated piece, so I hope to get on it, and have it ready to send no later than Wednesday.

Once the erotica shorty has been sent off, I'll be taking off from doing any serious writing for about a week and a half to spend time with Oldest. Next weekend, we're having a going away party for him. He's leaving for basic training on the 17th. Next week we're going to sort through his room, pack up the stuff he doesn't use much, and put it in storage. While he's away, hubby's planning to remodel his room for him, which is cool. But it's still hard to believe my baby boy is gonna be gone for two whole months. <sniff, sniff>

My local RWA conference is only a few months away, so I've got to start planning for that. I still need to make hotel reservations, and pull together a pitch package. I think I've pretty much decided on my pitch story for conference. It's a straight up paranormal romance. I'm just not confident enough in the September Experiment at this point to push that particular book. I can think of a few key elements I want to change about it before I show it to anyone. That's going to take time. There's another story on the back burner, and I'm thinking it's time to pull that one out and give it a go. 

The September Experiment is on my high priority list this year, but I'm thinking once it's polished and pretty, that book will probably go to one of my existing publishers. I'm still undecided, but that seems the most likely scenario at this point. Or rather, my most likely means of selling this book. I have a few places in mind outside my usual circle of submissions that I'd like to try, but we'll have to wait and see what develops. I could completely change my mind about the book between now and March. It's just one of those things. But for the time being, and with all things considered, I'm shelving it until after conference. 

That's pretty much all I've got going on at the moment. Writing, plans, and writing plans. I realize I'm going to have to be more conservative with my time this year, because I have a lot of stuff on my plate. Before the month is out, I'm going to have to sit down and work up a schedule so I can hit my writing targets this year. I'm not so much worried about publishers as I am about writing the stories of my heart. There are a few I've had rolling around in my head for a year or more and I haven't touched. It's time to put them on paper and let them go. If I were to have a writing resolution for 2012 that would be it. It's time to write these stories and set them free.  


  1. I always love to read what you're doing, Cora, because no matter what, it's inspiring. Your dedication to your craft makes me wanna plant-butt-in-chair and get to work!

  2. Wow, Nikki, I don't know what to say! :*) Thank you!


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