Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working For The Weekend

I finally feel like I'm getting my stride back after being sick. Too, I have all the guys lined out and well, I think. Mini went back to school today, and I worked on my conference story for a bit. Tonight, I'm going to knock out that erotica shorty. It has to be send-ready no later than Sunday, because next week, the whole family will be taking off a few days to see Oldest's swearing in ceremony, and hugging him goodbye for basic training. I'm so nervous, I can barely stand it. I have to stay busy or I get weepy.

Tomorrow, I have to buy storage bins for Oldest's closet. We're packing away some of his things while he's gone. That way we'll be able to repaint and get a new bed in there for him before he's back home again. That's going to be Hubby's personal project.

This Saturday, my local RWA chapter - the Nola Stars - will be gathering for our monthly meeting at the Bossier Parish History Center. I'm really psyched about this one and hope I can make it. Author Melanie Atkins is the January guest speaker, and she's giving a workshop on pacing. If at all possible, I'm going to be there. First things first, though. I've got to get this story wrangled into something worth reading or I'll be stuck in my desk chair all weekend.

I noticed earlier today that Under a Midnight Moon moved into the #13 spot on Amazon's Top 100 Free for Erotica list. Very cool. If you like werewolf stories, I hope you'll grab a free copy for your e-reader.

Because I've been asked... It's true that Betsey, the heroine of Under a Midnight Moon, and her mate also have minor roles in Dominant Territory. And yes - Betsey's best friend, Adriana, has her own story - it's called Feral Instinct, which is a part of the Rekindled Fire anthology. (You can read most of Feral Instinct for free if you use Google Books and "preview" the anthology. Just sayin'.)

That's all the news I have at the moment. It's already after ten, so I better break out the wip and get  writing. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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