Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Insanity...plus Books

I just figured out it's Tuesday, not Wednesday. Ho hum. I guess I was hoping the week was closer to being over than it really is. Mini had a terrible day, and because of that, I've had a terrible day. Yesterday he didn't bring home his homework packet, and we found out he threw it away. That didn't go over well with me at all. But hey, that was just the first disaster. I sent him off to school this morning with a note to his teacher that he needed a new homework packet, and when I got a call from the school around noon, I figured that's what the call was about. The homework incident. Mini and I even had a talk last night before bed and discussed that he would probably be in trouble at school for throwing away his worksheets, and we'd accepted that this was part of the consequences for not doing what he was supposed to.

Well, the call from school was to let me know Mini had an accident at school. I needed to bring him a fresh set of clothes to school. They're lucky I hadn't gone on to the post office as planned, or I would have missed the call. I tell you, fate at work, and all that. Anyway, I took his clothes to the school, and helped get changed. That was when I noticed he's running a fever. So, I decide to check him out and take him home. That way I can throw his clothes in the wash, put him in the bath, and I was thinking he could also catch up on his homework. No such luck. His teacher was gone, and had left a sub in charge. She didn't know where his binder was (his teacher had put his homework papers in it), so once again, he's behind on this homework.

As we're leaving the school, we cross the sidewalk, and then cross this patch of grass to reach the parking lot, and for whatever reason, Mini  isn't watching where he's going. He goes down on the pavement hands first. He cut his hand in two places, and is howling like a banshee out in front of school. By then, my nerves are frazzled and I just want to get the fuck out of there. I look at his hand, and tell him I'll fix it when I get to the car. As I'd left the house, I don't know why I did it, but I figured the kid might need a wash cloth for...something. I don't know. I wet a washcloth and took it with me in the car. We ended up using it for his hand. I buckled him in, and we left for home.

I still needed to run to the post office, and the library - to mail bills and take back books. But first, I had to stop by the house and put his clothes in the wash. Too, I had to walk the dog, and take care of a few things before I could go anywhere else. Everything seemed like it was going to iron out for the rest of the day. We made a quick run to town and took care of what I needed to do, and when we got back I put Mini in the bath then dressed him in fresh clothes. His third set of clothes for the day.

Since he missed lunch, I figured he was hungry, and asked him if he wanted lunch. He said he did, so I went to the kitchen to fix him something to eat. It was around 1:30 by then. Mini is a total ball of energy, bouncing around the house. I told him twice to "take it to the living room", but what kid actually listens to that, ya know? I should have known better. Really, I should've. Poor kid knocked over a full bowl of soup with all his floundering. I went to my happy place at that moment, and stared down at the huge puddle of peas, carrots and potatoes in my kitchen floor. I then gave Mini {who was looking fairly guilty} a kiss on the forehead, and said to him, "Honey, I love you. If you don't go sit down somewhere, I'm going to glue the seat of your pants to the couch."

Poor kid. He has had such a tough day. Everything he's touched has turned to poo. My nerves are fried from cleaning up the messes and jumping to pick up the pieces. I told hubby earlier on the phone, I'm tired, and I need a glass of wine. Today has been one of those stressful days from hell.

I have workshop threads to read through, and stories to work on, but I'm just too tired this evening to deal with it right now. At the very least, I need a nap first.

On the upside, I read two Nocturne Bites on my Kindle last night before bed. I also finished the book, Hooked by Les Edgerton. I'm currently reading Dynamic Characters by Nancy Kress. In fact, I'm about to go crash across the couch and read some of it while the house is settled.

Speaking of books, and Kindle...take a look these free reads while they last: (some may be free only for a limited time, so check prices before checkout! ) All links lead to the Amazon.com listing pages.

Lucky in Love, by Carolyn Brown - a contemporary cowboy romance (Sourcebooks)
50 Ways to Hex Your Lover - a paranormal romance by Linda Wisdom (Sourcebooks)
Scent of Passion, (Rutledge Werewolves book 1) -  Elizabeth Lapthorne - erotic rom. (Ellora's Cave)
Highland Mist, (Druid Glen book 1) - Donna Grant - (Ellora's Cave Blush - mainstream romance)

That's all for now. I'm going to cross my fingers that tomorrow goes better than today. In the meantime, I'm going to grab a glass of wine and my books and try to make the most of the rest of the evening. ☯


  1. Aw Poor Mini!! I sure hope tomorrow is better for him AND you!! Thanks for the freebies and good luck on the new story for the conference!

  2. Thanks, Raven. Hopefully today will go much better for Mini. I know I'll be worried about it all day until he gets home. :S

  3. Sounds like a stressful day. In a few years when the kids are all grown up you will look back on this day and laugh. My daughter is 20 years old now and I can tell her about the things she did as a little kid that made me nuts and laugh with her about them.


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