Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Is Close To Home

This is Oldest's last weekend with us for a few months, so we're sticking close to home today. I'm also prepping a short story for submission. I have writing to do, boxes to move to the shed, and I still need to take down the Xmas tree and store it. Those are just a few things on a list of many. Tonight, we're going to flop in front of the TV and watch movies.

Next week is going to be super busy, and once Oldest is off to Chicago, I have to start getting my stuff ready for conference. It will be here sooner than I probably realize, and I still need to figure out what the heck I'm doing, and make my hotel reservations. I have a couple of things on hand to pitch, and I've decided to take more than one project to the table. Looking at the roster, I'm guessing my work is probably too dark for anyone scheduled to take appointments, but what the heck. The worst thing any of them can say to me is no thanks.

Under A Midnight Moon finally topped out in the Amazon Top 100, I think. It reached #10 for about an hour or so Thursday night/Friday morning. Something like that. It has since shifted downward a few slots, but it's all good. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

That said, I better get to work. The guys just left to make a run to the store...for more something. I didn't hear what they said on the way out the door. At any rate, I should try to get something done while I have the house to myself. Happy weekend, everyone!

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