Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reworking, Rewriting, Rereading

Let's try this again, shall we?  Late last night, I stripped the beginning off my short story and reworked it. Then I took that beginning off, and rewrote it entirely. I'm rereading through it again this morning, and anticipating more changes. The sexy bits are good, but it needs a hook. Something to make the story gel.

I hope I'm able to get to it today, but right now, I'm so tired I can barely think straight.

In an hour or so, I have an appointment to get my yearly thyroid workup. I'm sick with a cold on top of that, so the doctor should be thrilled to see me. I have to take Mini with me, since he woke up feeling yucky this morning. At first I thought he was attempting to play 'possum with me, but when he got up close I could smell that sick, viral smell on him, and thought, Dang. 

Until this morning, he was the only one of us who hadn't caught it yet. I'm guessing it just took longer to germinate with him. Of course, I'm all out of children's medicines. I've got to grab something for him while I'm at the pharmacy getting my pills filled. Anyway, I called the school a little while ago to report Mini as absent - we're required to do so - and the woman in the office was startlingly bitchy on the phone. Wow. That was unpleasant!

This afternoon, I have to go over a synopsis for a friend, then I'm probably going to call it a day. Or at least take a nap. I wasn't anticipating getting up at five a.m., or I'd have gone to bed a little earlier. Sometimes it just can't be avoided, though. I have a lot to do, and time is running short, so I better get started. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Cora, you're running on empty. You need some 'me' time. ((hugs)) Hope the word back from the drs. is good and hope you and mini get well soon.

  2. You're right. I probably do need some me time. Maybe once we get Oldest situated with MEPS, and on his way to Chicago, I can finally unwind. It's like walking on pins and needles, I tell ya! Very nerve wracking sending your kidlet out there.

    On the upside, the dr. visit went A-Okay. So that's one small thing to celebrate.

    See you in a few! :0)


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