Monday, January 30, 2012

Questions Answered & Books Recently Read

I spent most of the weekend reading and taking notes. I'm not kidding. I went through four books. Two fiction, two non-fiction. I guess this is what I needed to recharge my batteries, because it kicked me out of my I don't know what to do next writing funk.

I mentioned before I'm struggling to choose between two projects to work on. I think part of it is conference anxiety. I want to go in prepared, armed with the best story, one I think will be best suited to the people I'm pitching to, but that story needs more brainstorming time. I just does. The other story I've been waffling over has a plot outline already, but the true beginning of the story means the heroine doesn't meet up with the hero right away. That can be worked with, I know, but it seems like a more monumental task than coming up with something entirely new. Therein the problem lies.

Instead of hurting my brain over which story to work on, I ended up pushing my keyboard away to let the problem rest. I finished reading Bella Andre's Hot as Sin, then picked out another book from my TBR pile. I read The Doctor's Guardian {Marie Ferrarella} in one sitting, then went back to my keyboard and pecked out a short erotica story for one of my upcoming collections.

After that, I went back to reading. This time, I chose books on my Kindle. I read Blockbuster Plots by Martha Alderson first, and afterward went straight into reading No Rules, Just Write by CJ Lyons. Both books are chock full of good writerly advice. I highly recommend both.

I always read craft books with a notebook handy. A good thing, since I ended up jotting down a ton of information...about one of my projects. The one with the awkward beginning. As I read through each book, every time I came to an "Ah-ha!" moment, it always translated to that particular project. So, I feel like that's the right project for me at this moment. The one I need to be working on right now. It may not be the most obvious pitch choice, but the pitch isn't everything. So, time to immerse myself in creating this world, and these characters. We'll see how it goes.

So my weekend "recently read" list: 

  • Hot as Sin - Bella Andre
  • The Doctor's Guardian - Marie Ferrarella
  • Blockbuster Plots, Romance Writers Plot Book - Martha Alderson
  • No Rules, Just Write - CJ Lyons {a Cora certified MUST read}
Before I go forward with anything else... This past weekend was the weekend for messages. I don't think I've ever been asked so many questions in a three day period. ^_^ Instead of emailing a bunch of people and retyping the same thing over and over, I'm answering all the questions here.  

Question #1 {from LinkedIn}: Do you self publish all your books? Not all of my books are self published. Only my free reads are self published, but I do intend to self publish two short story collections later this year. Both contain some of my out of print stories.  

Question #2 {from LinkedIn}: Do you have an agent? No, I don't have an agent. 

Question #3 : {contact form} {also, from LinkedIn} I see you're self published. Did you have to get an agent for that?  I have only self-published free stories for promotional giveaway, and no, I didn't need an agent for that. In fact, I don't have an agent. I have heard of some authors going through their agents to help them "self-publish", but the idea behind self-publishing is that you do the work yourself. You write the book, edit it (or pay to have it edited), you design a cover (or pay to have someone make a cover for you), then you upload it to Amazon, Smashwords, or wherever you want to sell it, and voila! You're self-published. Now go forth and promote your book.

Question #4 {contact form} {Facebook} {also, LinkedIn}: I see you're self published. How do I do that? Can you help me publish? I'm sorry, I cannot help you publish your book. To understand how self publishing works (in a nutshell) read Question #3. Again, I have only self-published a few free promotional short stories, so I am hardly an expert. There are some really good video tutorials on YouTube that cover how to self-publish your book. And there are websites out there devoted to self publishing that are easy to find by doing a simple Google search. One of my favorite self-publishing websites is... That website should be able answer all of your self-publishing questions. There is a lot of content on that site, so go in prepared to read, read, read.  

And that's that. I think I've pretty much covered all the questions in their various forms. Now, I have to do some stretches and get my game face on. I registered for an online workshop at Savvy Authors, and it starts today. Going to jump on that now. Once Mini gets home, I'm going to lounge on the couch with him and watch Johnny Test. 

Happy Monday, everyone!
Currently reading: Hooked, by Les Edgerton

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