Monday, January 02, 2012

GrrlX Publishing and Upcoming Titles

Coming soon at my new micro
press site - GrrlX Publishing
Last year, I began working on a self-publishing venture I've lovingly named GrrlX Publishing. (pronounced Girl X) I had hoped to have it up and running in the fall of 2011, but everyone who knows me personally, or reads this blog on a fairly regular basis knows last summer and into the fall, we were dealing with some pretty tough issues here at home. Family comes first, and when my father in law passed away in August, GrrlX stopped being a priority, as did the short stories and novellas I intended to self-publish.

Life is still a bit crazy here at home, but I've finally picked up where I left off on all these "old" projects. GrrlX Publishing, for one. The site isn't up just yet. The site is built and published, and I've just transferred the domain name and changed all the A Records. It's telling me I need to wait 48 hours, so we'll see. I hope the new site will appear soon. I'm not very tech savvy, so I may have some more tinkering to do before the actually website shows up. But for all respective purposes, my self-publishing game is on.

My first release for GrrlX is currently in production. Shown above is the temporary cover for At the Edge of Twilight: A Collection of Erotic Faerie Tales. The title story originally appeared in the In The Gloaming: A Faerie Anthology, through Freya's Bower. I got my rights back on it a couple of years ago, and I've expanded it for this collection. Other stories in this collection include The Butterfly Prince, and a third story I haven't gotten around to naming yet. I anticipate this book being finished sometime toward the summer. I intend to have it  professionally edited and formatted, and along with the mountain of other projects I have going on, this takes time. Once it's ready, the book will be available in both electronic and print formats. 

I also have a contemporary erotica collection in the works for this year. It, too, will be published through GrrlX. I'll be re-releasing a few stories I've previously published online, with a few brand new ones to sweeten the deal. I'll post more about the collection when I have the publishing package ready to go. 

Right now, I'm working on a deadline piece due at the end of the month. Once I've got that out the door to the editor, I have to start focusing on the September Experiment so I can shape it up for conference. It's going to be my main pitch piece, so we'll see how that goes!

That's all for now. Tomorrow the holidays are officially over for us here at Chez Cora. <boohoo> Back to the grind. I better get to bed early since I have to be up bright and early to put the MiniBeast on the school bus in the morning. Until then...happy dreams!


  1. That's really good news. Congrats on the new venture.


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