Friday, January 27, 2012

Books & More Books

Whee! It's Friday! It's Hubby's birthday, too. Mini has half a day of school today, and when he gets home, he's going to help me bake an Oreo cake for the man's birthday.

I said a couple of days ago, that I'd update on some of the books I've been reading, so here it is. I finished reading Write Tight by William Brohaugh Thursday afternoon. I feel like this is best used for non-fiction, article writing, and for term papers. There are a few good nuggets in here for fiction writers, such as how to spot and cut redundancies, plus helpful tips on using devices in your writing projects. The book is good for what it is. I'd pick it up and read through it again if I had a term paper to write, but in all honesty, I expected something else out of this book. If I had to recommend a book to help someone write tighter fiction, I'd go with the tried and true Browne and King, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.

I'm now reading Hooked, by Les Edgerton, {write fiction that grabs readers at page one and never lets them go}. As soon as I'm finished reading that one, I'll post what I think about it. I have to admit, I've thumbed through the book, and it looks really good. It has a section in the back with comments from editors and agents about "beginnings". I've read all of that, already. A sneak peek. ;o) Good stuff. Very interesting. Now to go back and read the rest of the book. {g}

All week, I've been cleaning out my office bit by bit. Early Spring cleaning, I guess you can say. Anyway, I posted about my new bookshelf a couple days ago, but I didn't mention I've also got a huge shelf in here, one that you'd probably put in a garage to store gallons of paint on, or whatever. For years, this shelf has been collecting clutter. I've ignored it, because it's mostly organized into bins, but it's seriously loaded down to capacity with old dollies, books, boxes of craft stuff, baskets...just a bunch of different stuff. You name it, it's probably in there somewhere. That's my puttering shelf, I guess. Mini comes in here and picks through it looking for interesting stuff to tinker with from time to time. If it attracts a six year old, you know it's a lotta junk.

I've been gradually boxing up that stuff. There's only one shelf with anything on it now. I've thrown a lot of stuff away, and donated even more of it, by putting it in the charity bins down the street. There were literally tubs of books on the bottom shelf. Most of the books are titles I've already read. I sorted through them all yesterday. I put aside the "keeper" books, so I can buy them for my Kindle, if they are available. I'll keep the paperbacks that aren't available digitally, but I imagine most are available as e-books, so that will cut down on space. The other books I've read are going into the donation bins down the street.

But that was just one tub - well, I say tub - actually, they're in huge canvas storage bins. In one of the bins, I found all these paperbacks that I bought, and never read. Oh. My. Jeez. There are probably thirty to fifty paperbacks in there. I am making a pledge to read and donate every last one of these books by the end of summer. I'm so bad about buying books I think sound great when I see them on the shelf at the bookstore, then I get them home, and I pretty much toss them on another shelf and forget about them. Makes no sense, right? Especially since I'm always reading something, both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes I've even got two books I'm reading at the same time. I'll get to a slow point in one, and pick up the other book. So, it's hard to imagine how I managed to amass this many unread books in my TBR stack. Well, I'm gonna take care of that. I want these books out of here. And if I find any along the way worth keeping, I'm going to see if I can buy them through iTunes, or for my Kindle. Through it all, I'll try to remember to post about what I'm reading - to keep things interesting.

That's all I've got for now. I need to rush around the house and tidy up everything before Mini gets home from school. I have about an hour and a half. Yikes! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

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