Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Tuesday Scramble

Honey, I'm home! I've been gone most of the day, taking care of a screw up with our house insurance. Yesterday we received a certified letter stating that they didn't get our November payment. But, a few days ago, they sent me a bill for December showing that last month's payment had already been credited. Say what?  This snafu took hours to unravel. Even the woman at the insurance company couldn't figure out what the heck happened. So, after holding on the phone for hours, and then showing up in person to wrangle with this crap, I finally got it all straightened out. Santa, I deserve a pedicure and massage, ya hear?

So I pick Mini up from school, and he walks out of the building and bursts into tears. I asked him what happened, and after about 5 solid minutes of blubbering, he admits he got in trouble for talking too much in class.

"Are you going to do it again?" I ask.
He sniffles. "No."
Sounds good to me.
"You'll have a chance to be quiet tomorrow," I tell him. "Right now, we're going home to eat cookies."

Seriously. We went home and ate cookies. The kids have been stuck indoors for days with all this rain. What do these people expect? They're children, not robots. The only thing they're able to run right now are their mouths. Cut 'em some slack.

Finally everything has settled down. The guys are watching movies, and I'm about to crack open the wip and do some revisions. I cleaned up an entire section before bed last night, and started reworking another one. If the errand fairy would just take a hike for a few days, I might be able to get this book cleaned up before hell freezes over.

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