Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Real Life Days Like This

sci fi fantasy Doctor Who - Exterminate Him First

A short post tonight since it's so late already, and I haven't had a chance to open my wip yet this evening. Mini has been home with me all day. He came down sick over the weekend with the flu. I've been keeping an eye on his fever, and sat with him in the den for a good long while today. Then I went to put a load of towels in the dryer and the machine completely died on me. I had all these wet towels, and no choice but to leave them there until hubby made it home so I could rush them over to my mom's.

Instead of worrying about it, I made a huge homemade chicken and veggie soup, thinking it would be good for Mini. He ate a tiny bit, and kept it down for several hours, so I was happy with that. Later, when hubby came home, Mini had already zonked on the couch. Oldest took out the garbage for me, and we took the wet clothes over to my parents house so I could use the dryer there.

Mom and dad weren't expecting us. We had a great visit though. Dad stood at the bar cracking pecans (and eating them - hehehe), and mom took me on a tour of all her Christmas decorations. The house looked and smelled fabulous! I have to find one of those candles she had burning in the kitchen. Vanilla frosting scented. O.M.G. Talk about heavenly!

And oh my, what a gorgeous full moon out there tonight. Did anyone else go out and look at it? It seemed really close and large. On the way home from my parents' house, I pulled over so Oldest could snap a pic of it on his cell phone. I'll have to see if he'll pass me a copy so I can post it. It was truly gorgeous out there. But anyway, we made it back home around seven. Not too shabby. I quickly put away the clothes, towels, and put fresh sheets on the bed - and the blankets that I dried at mom's. (Mini had a barf attack on my bed last night.) After that, I put a casserole in for Oldest. Cheesy potatoes and ham. I didn't even have to ask hubby if he wanted a plate. ^_^ That stuff was good. Will definitely be making that again.

Now that the house is settled, I'm about to shut down the comp for a while and work on this book some more. It's in the home stretch. I just need to kick the lead out and get this thing done!

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