Friday, December 02, 2011

The Real Friday

It's Friday, it's Friday...for real, this time, too! <slippery socks dance> Yesterday, I kept faking myself out. I woke up thinking it was Friday. I'd get excited about it only to realize I was a day off, and then I'd feel all let down. The sad thing is that I probably did that to myself about three or four times throughout the day. Yes, I'm mental like that.

funny pictures of cats with captionsI have to pick Mini up from school in about an hour, so I put the revisions down for a bit and decided to grab a bite to eat. When he gets home we'll probably go through the routine - change out of school uniform into play clothes, check the homework binder, and forage the kitchen for a snack. I haven't been grocery shopping yet, so I thought he might want to bake brownies and play some Candyland. So, that's likely what I'll be doing in about an hour.

I didn't get my blog up early enough this morning - I got tied up doing other things. Terribly sorry about that if anyone has been looking for a post. I should really make more of an effort to be time consistent. My life is very "go with the wind", though, so that can be kind of difficult. Not much has happened since I last blogged, but I'm definitely still working, sorting, writing, and all that jazz. These stretches of silence are usually when I'm involved in something intensive I can't break away from. Just an FYI.

I cleaned up a huge section this morning on the wip, and right now I'm fleshing out some dialogue in chapter three. This is also the chapter where my theme is firmly stated. This scene used to be in chapter two, but I added a new first chapter, one that steers the story in the exact direction I want it to go. So, it bumped my thematic statement into chapter three. It still fits, in my opinion, and the previous chapters all allude to the theme, so I should be okay. We'll have to wait and see what my editor thinks. As it stands, I'll be working on revisions all weekend, and catching up on the revision workshop exercises, which I'm applying direction to my manuscript as I go. Of course, at some point, I really should go dig the Christmas tree out of the storage shed and set it up for the bratlings...being that it's December and all. I should probably add that to my To-Do list while I'm thinking about it.

Before I wrap it all up for the day.... Speaking of revisions and first chapters, I came across an awesome article on the challenge of first chapters over at The Book Designer. I saw the link flash by on twitter, but for the life of me, I can't figure out who posted it. Whoever tweeted the link - thank you! If you haven't read it yet, go, go, go. It's worth a look. :o)

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