Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lights Out

The power went out while I was working on my wip last night. I didn't lose much, but what I did lose was hard fought for. A perfect end to a perfectly shitty Tuesday. I sat at my desk in the dark, lighting jar candles with a box of matches from the candle hutch, cursing under my breath because I'd just managed to push my way through a very difficult scene. And, of course, since I was still typing up the last bits of it, I hadn't saved yet. Talk about something that'll make you sick to your stomach. That'll do it. Thankfully our heating doesn't depend on electricity, otherwise it might've been a completely different kind of miserable situation.

Once the candles were distributed throughout the house, I decided to go sit out the couch in the dark. Once I was in there, I don't know why, but I remembered seeing Mini's battery powered Coleman lantern on the end table by the TV earlier in the day. It's an actual camping lantern he swiped from his grandpa a few years ago so he could pretend to go camping. You know, sheet tents, and pillow floors and all that. Somehow the lantern ended up over here, and last night was truly glad for that. I found it and set it up near where I was sitting, and it surprised me with how much light it throws off.

It was bright enough to read by, so I ended up going back to my office for a notebook and pencil, and edited a chapter the old fashioned way. <g> I also wrote down a new transition for a scene that has been giving me fits. At this point, I feel like I need this one scene for GMC purposes, but at the same time, I've read it so many times trying to nail that it factor that I've come to hate it, and I'm tempted to cut the whole damn thing.

Today I've laid aside two chapters to get through. I missed so much time yesterday fiddling with the insurance company, it basically cost me a day's work. Then what little headway I made last night got cut in half due to the outage. Now I'm playing catch up. No fun. But what else can you do? Onward and upwards.


  1. Well that sucks. I hate it when the power just goes out with no warning like that. Happened to me last week when all the winds came through.

  2. Sometimes a curse can become a blessing. I've lost power before and found it actually helped with writing. I could no longer get onto the Internet, and I developed a new sense of urgency because I knew my laptop battery would only last a couple hours.

    Got a lot of work done that night. But, of course, I'm easily distracted.

  3. It's all good! I managed to get it put back together, and I'm finally...finally...past that point in the book. Whew!


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