Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm Vampire Scented

It's been an interesting day. The bus didn't come to pick up Mini this morning, so we figured school might have let out for the Xmas holidays. I checked the school calendar online, and it showed that the parent teacher conferences weren't until the late afternoon. We couldn't reach anyone by calling the school, the number kept giving us a fax machine-ish sound when we'd call, so Hubby drove up there, and discovered that it school was indeed going on. Not many kids showed up though. Only four kids in Mini's class. Hmm. After some thought, I'm going to guess the bus driver though I was driving Mini to school since he has missed so many days this week. I'm still not clear on that part.

At any rate, hubby picked up Mini's report card. He's on the Principal's list again this 9 weeks. He made A Honor Roll, and his GPA is at a 4.0. Way to go, little bear! I went to the store earlier and bought deli pizzas, since he missed his class pizza party. His teacher really awesome about the whole class party thing, and saved all his Xmas candy loot in his stocking, and sent it home with his report card. I admit I teased him a bit earlier, saying he made out like a bandit. ;o) We all know he earned it.

While I was in town buying pizza, I picked up a few things for my mom for Xmas. I bought her a buffet warmer, since she is always going to gatherings and such. She can use that both at home, and at her church, etc. I also bought her a bath set, and a large multi-photo frame that will look gorgeous on her living room wall. I plan to pick up a few more things for her this coming week.

I also picked up a little something for myself. I saw a boxed perfume set called Vampire, and had to have it. It came with a full bottle of perfume, and a mini sprayer that looks like a blood vial. How cool is that? I'm very picky about perfumes that are in essence body sprays, but I decided to take a chance with this one. That blood vial was just too awesome to resist. The scent isn't bad at all. It's got a sweet floral scent with a hint of citrus to it. The top notes wear off very quickly, but for fourteen dollars you can't go wrong. I'd definitely buy it again. This is the website with the advert:  It doesn't show the same box with the blood vial, so that may be a store exclusive. I have no way to know.

On the writing front, I'm revising the next chapter in the wip. This section isn't very long, so I'm worried it might be missing something. I printed up the pages and wrote a list to show what I need this chapter to convey. Hopefully everything I need is already in there. Tonight I'll be reading through it and marking changes on the pages. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I'll be home with Mini and Oldest, kicking off the first day of the Xmas holidays. We're going to decorate the tree. Mini is a tree artiste, and Oldest likes to supervise. Yep, this should be interesting. <g>

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I'm off to help Cassandra decorate her new mermaid house in Second Life. ;o) Happy Friday, everyone!

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