Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Expedition

A mixed batch of erotic romances. I see an EC title
smack in the middle. There were a couple of Samhains, and
Aphrodisias as well. A good mix.
What a great day! I dragged Oldest shopping with me this morning, and we didn't get back until after dark. I now only have two more people to buy Christmas gifts for. That being the case, I'm calling this shopping trip a success.

I think we spent a little over two hours in the local Books A Million. I brought home a basket of new books, and a new tarot deck. The book haul aside, I remembered to bring my camera into the store and snap pictures of the trade paperback section, which is primarily what I read. I did go through and inspect other sections as well.

Berkley Sensations and Brava Paranormal Romances.
Not sure who published the Wicked Wonderland antho in
the middle. Will have to check on Amazon later.
I started out in the science fiction/fantasy section, and noticed there was a good mix of  ROC, Ace, Baen, and Tor titles. I kept looking for Tor Romances, but I don't think they're branded as such on the spine, because I didn't see one throughout the entire store. I know they exist, I just haven't found one yet. I also noticed a few zombie horror titles mixed in the sci/fantasy section as well. I really bemoan the loss of the general horror section in the bookstore. I would love to browse a wall of genuine horror novels, and get an idea of what's out there, but it's nearly impossible to find any horror novels in store. They're mostly mixed in with the general fiction, but the only books I was able to find this trip were two zombie books. The rest were Dark Tower Stephen Kings, and a few Dean R. Koontz.

Moving along to the romance section...our local BaM has a great mix of paperback romances. I noticed a few more witchy type paperbacks, which was interesting. I didn't stick around the paperbacks very long. Trade paperbacks tend to be more to my liking.

Again, the same as in  the Bossier store, Aphrodisia seems to have more books on the shelf than any other line. The Aphrodisias were about 50/50 single title vs. anthologies. I brought home two of the single titles.

Red Sage, Secrets volumes. And looks: a super
jazzy copy of Alison's Wonderland by the lovely
Alison Tyler.
The next most frequent line seemed to be Brava Paranormal Romances. There were nice colorful clusters of Bravas here and there. There seemed to be more series books with the Brava titles than any of the other lines. Speaking of series books...Red Sage had a nice collection on one shelf. Look at all those volumes of the Secrets anthologies. They were grouped together all nice and tidy on one shelf.

Samhain had almost as many books on the shelves as Berkley Sensation. That's different. I always looks for Samhain books when in store. I've bought a few of their trades, but always online. I like their books, I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for when I'm bookstore shopping. Most of their books I've found in store are cowboy titles. Not bad, but not really my thing. I'm more of a paranormal/futuristic romance kinda gal. ;o)
A nice clump of Samhain titles. There were more
scattered here and there. 

The last section I checked out was the category romances. It seems like this section is shrinking a little more every year. What the heck? I know they have come out with more lines in recent years. Maybe I'm thinking of online exclusive lines.

A few years ago, the category books in this particular BaM had the front facing shelves as soon as you walked into the store. A whole row all to themselves. Most if not all were Harlequins/Silhouettes. (I think Silhouette has since been absorbed completely by the Harlequin brand.) If there were any other category publishers out there now, I didn't see them in this store.

The Harlequin section. That's a lot
of tycoons and cowboys.
Anyway, I like to pick up a Harlequin Presents or a Nocturne every now and again. Many of the other lines seem to be cowboy heavy these days. I wish they would branch out a little more, especially when it comes to American heroes. I'll read cowboy book in a pinch, but typically when I see a stetson on a cover, I'll pass.

The section of Harlequins at the local BaM is much larger than the category section at the Walmart near where I live, so whenever I come over here to shop, I always come through here and look for books written by the ladies in my RWA group.

And that's pretty much all I've got. <dusts hands> I'm about to put the MiniBeast to bed, and then I'll probably tinker around with The Hidden Path tarot I just bought. A perfect ending to a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh the Hidden Path is a lovely deck!

    Don't quote me on this, but I think the Tor romances are St. Martins Press. I saw on their blog the newest Sherrilyn Kenyon was announced there.

  2. Ah-ha, now that's a possibility! Thanks bunches. I'll definitely look it up. I've been hearing about their romances, and I'm curious.


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