Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's been a tough day, but a productive one. I managed to rewrite the scene that went missing, and added it into the story gap where it was needed. I worked on that one all night long. No kidding. I was a couple paragraphs from having it completely transferred to my main document, when I looked up and saw hubby watching me from the doorway. He said, "My baby, up all night writing?" I told him I'd be to bed soon, that I was almost finished, and then I realized he hadn't got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. It was four a.m and he was getting ready for work.

I was half nodding off at my computer anyway, so I went on to bed. And I tell you, once my head hit the pillows I was down for the count. I made it to bed by five a.m., and MiniBear, bless his heart, let me sleep until nine. I got up and made breakfast, then sat like a zombie in my desk chair for about twenty minutes trying to figure out what I'd already covered in the wee hours in the morning, and what still needed to be added. I worked clear through lunch. I didn't stop working until Mini came to my office door and told me he was hungry. I cooked for him, had a bite to eat for myself, asked Oldest to walk the SassiePup, and went back to work.

I managed to complete the missing scene and polish it. I also proofed and polished the chapter following that one. So, two chapters down, two more to go.

All that took me until four p.m.. That's about the time I called it a day and went out to toss around the football with Mini. We also walked SassiePup again, then went out back and sat on the swing set.

While we were out at the swing set, Mini wanted me to tell him stories about when I was a little girl. So, I told him about the time his Auntie Lisa and I were nine years old and walking to her house for a sleepover, when my much older cousin and his two friends came by on their bicycles. They were big know-it-alls, who liked to talk a lot of smack, and on that day, they pelted us with dozens of green, unripe pecans they'd collected from the neighbor's yard.

Auntie Lisa got seriously pelted hard by my teenage cousin (who didn't like her very much because she wouldn't hesitate to tell him he was full of crap when he got to spouting his 16 year old wisdom). But, instead of running off toward the house, like I did, she stopped mid-pelting, and picked up a fist full of pecans and started lobbing them at the boys. Well, my cousin got away. He got pelted, but ya know, minimal damage. His best friend (the cute one) got away, too. But his other friend, red haired "Big Tommy", who lived down on the corner, he was a little too heavy and slow, and I will never forget turning around near Lisa's hedges to see her lob a rapid fire stream of green pecans at him. The guy was trying to duck his head and ride his bike,  which was way too small for a guy his size, but instead of getting away like my cousin and his BFF,  Big Tommy took about three pecans to the back of the head, and went down hard, bike and all, into the neighbors ditch. Lemme just say, that was a deep ditch he fell in to. One minute he was riding on the street, and the next, he was gone. You couldn't see anything but a bicycle tire spinning. He popped up out of there like a weasel, and took off. It was so unexpected, and happened so fast, I didn't really catch how hilarious the whole situation was until about fifteen minutes later. By then we were in her room playing Barbies.  I thought about Tommy hitting the ditch, and totally cracked up laughing. After telling Mini the story today, I got to thinking about it, and if I remember right, Tommy never messed with us again. My cousin on the other hand... LOL ;o)

I'm exhausted. I didn't realize just how tired I am until I soaked in a hot bath and washed my hair. I stepped out of there and I could have melted into a puddle of sleepy in the bathroom floor. I put on my jammies, wrapped my hair in a towel, and snuggled with Mini on the couch. He wanted to show me this new level on Angry Birds, and within five minutes, I was zonked. I woke up a little while ago, when Mini told me he was going to bed. I gave him a hugs and a kiss, and sent him on his way.

So, now I'm up again, and first things first, I grabbed a cuppa tea and settled in to proof my crit partner's novella. I'm going to make a pass through it, and look for boo-boos. Then afterward, I want to break out the shivers story and get at least one of these two remaining chapters revised tonight. Two.More.Chapters. ZOMG, right? Two chapters left to go, and I need to pull together a short denouement and I can stick a fork in it. I outlined the denouement earlier today, so it's coming together. What a relief. It won't be much longer before I hit send...and once I do, I'm having a big glass of wine to celebrate!

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