Sunday, November 27, 2011

Werewolf Handwriting

I now have a few books listed over at Kindlegraph. If you'd like something signed, hit me up! I don't have a tablet to sign with, but I do have a scrolly mouse. <click, click> That's why my first siggy turned out looking a bit straight jacket mental, but it was still very cool to see it "write itself" across the screen when I finished it.

If nothing else, it kinda looks like werewolf handwriting, don't you think? For werewolf erotic romances? There is probably something very Freudian and weird about that in a psychological context, but whatever. I guess I'll just have to be down with that. ;o)

On another note, Monday swooped in like a bird of prey, snatching my weekend peace away in the blink of an eye. First things first, I had horrible insomnia last night. I finally crashed on the couch around 3 am., but I didn't sleep. I stayed up watching a really shitty horror movie called Virus, and was still awake when hubby left at 5 to go to work.

I still felt pretty wired when Mini got up, but that quickly changed. First thing out of bed, he couldn't decide what breakfast he wanted: oatmeal or pancakes with bacon, Pop Tarts, or eggs, or whatever. In the end, he settled on the Pop Tarts and ate something like three bites before he cried full. I put the remnants in a ziploc baggie for later, 'cause I mean, wow. Totally wasteful. After that, it was a big issue with what pants to wear. Mini's getting to the age he likes to change out his uniform clothes, and this morning he wanted to wear beige uniform trousers, because it's different from the navy ones he usually wears. The thing is, they make the khaki beige ones with these horrid button fastenings which are difficult for small kids to button by themselves when they have to hit the bathroom at school, so I haven't been picking many pairs of those. Nevertheless, I found two pair in the dresser, and while they fit in the waist, they were too short in length. I swear, it was a try on fifty pairs of pants kind of morning. By the time he had to go out to the bus I felt like I'd run a marathon, helping him change his clothes that many times. <fainting couch>

I went back to bed after the school bus left, and in doing so, I missed a call from my BFF. Total bummer. I miss hearing from her. She left a message for me on Facebook, though, and I know it will probably be the weekend before we get to phone chat again. Ho hum.

In traditional Monday fashion, it's all busy, busy at the moment. I'm working on revisions still. It's coming along very well, just slowly. I'm hoping now that I've got the house back from the Thanksgiving madness, I'll be able to pick up the pace.

But that's not all! As of this morning I'm involved in a month long self-editing course, which I hope will help me sharpen my skills and streamline my own revision process. I'm quite excited about this. It looks like it's exactly what I need to kick the September Experiment in the pants so I can have it ready for pitching at conference.

It's after 3pm, so I better get back to work. Mini will be home shortly, and I gotta have the house ready so we can throw down over a few games of CandyLand. I hope you all have a pleasant week. Oh, and in case you didn't notice...December 1st is this Thursday. How about that, eh?  Where has the year gone?


  1. Gotta love that Werewolf scratch. I read your story "Crossing Borders" and still have it on my nook. Can I use that one to get a signature, or do I need to purchase another to have it signed.

    I'm not sure how the signature thing works, and should probably look into it so I can sign my own books.

    I feel your pain on the breakfast and pants thing. My son had ADD pretty bad growing up and we tried out best to avoid medication, especially during school hours. His issue was socks. He had to have them position "just right" on his feet, and could not stand to have that line where the end was sewn. I can't begin to tell you how many times we caught him with a pair of scissors trying to cut that line out, managing only to cut the end of his sock off instead.

    By the way. I can't understand why I'm not on your stalking list. I'll just have to work harder to become famous enough to earn my spot.

  2. Oops, I posted under my other blog. See how important you are? I've got you on both my blogs. The author name you may be more familiar with is Ellison James, Author of "Lovestruck Succubus" (Its got werewolves in it too) and a few erotic shorts.

  3. Well, Ellison, why aren't you on my stalking list? I can't figure that out either. I thought you were already on there in that name. I'll fix that asap.

    As for the Kindlegraph, you don't necessarily have to have the book to get it signed, but I think it works only for Kindle since it creates a screenshot type thing.

    By the way, I have to admit those sock toe seams are annoying. I much prefer flip flops. My Oldest (ADHD) also had that issue with socks. I never made the connection, but it makes perfect sense.


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