Sunday, November 06, 2011

Review: Halloween Tarot Deck

Not all that long ago I bought The Halloween Tarot deck by Kipling West off eBay, and ever since it arrived, I've been planning to say a few words about it here on my blog. Well, here it is...

The tin, the card backs, and the little white book. Photos are
clickable if you'd like to see a larger shot.

I love this colorful, whimsical deck. It comes with a little white booklet, 78 cards, and the protective tin, which features artwork from several of the cards in the deck. The art work primarily features bats, pumpkins, devilish imps, and ghosts, which are replacement suits for the swords, pentacles, staves, and cups, respectively. There is also a recurring black cat in the cards - the same cat as shown above, on the card backs. The cat is almost like a watcher, or a shadow, moving from card to card through the tarot "journey" as if he is there to witness fate at hand. Personally, I love it.

Despite the Halloween theme, this is really a practical deck that can be used year round. I especially like the smaller size of this deck, which is playing card size. The Halloween deck is much easier for me to shuffle than standard tarot cards. There are some slight variations (vs. the Rider Waite meanings) on some of the cards if you go by the little white book, but the alternate interpretations didn't come across as too far out, so I didn't have any trouble interpreting a reading. I especially love the Hermit, Magician, and Temperance cards, which are shown with active instead of restful and/or meditative figures. Proof that during periods when we're offered a bit of universal "down time", it doesn't mean we're necessarily dormant, but entering a period when we can focus on bettering ourselves, learning new tricks, and cooking up new plans. Great stuff!

Overall, this is a fun, easy to read deck. Again, I love the festive art, and the size of the cards. They're comfortable in the hands, and are the perfect medium between matte and glossy card stock. They shuffle very well without being weak and overly flexible. 

I recommend The Halloween Tarot deck by Kipling West for anyone looking to add seasonal charm to their Halloween tarot readings, or simply for a fresh take on the traditional Rider Waite deck. In my opinion, this is a beautiful, fun, and overall practical deck for use any time of year.

Past, present, future, and a final overall card - the Two of Bats. A
reading I did last week. Just for fun, feel free to leave your own
personal interpretation in the comments if you're so inclined.  :o)

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