Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Car & Random Writerly Things

Hubby is such a gem. Despite not feeling well he picked up the parts we ordered and worked on my car this morning. Yes. I do believe he's a keeper. I still haven't given the car a test drive, but I'm gonna do that here in a few minutes when Oldest gets finished doing whatever he's doing. (I'm taking him with me.)

Yesterday, I worked on Shivers revisions, and tried to find note cards for the September Experiment. Then late in the afternoon, I settled in to write something new. I raked in 4k words on a new short story that I'm also gearing toward Shivers. I'm going to try to wrap it up that story this evening if at all possible. Another 4k should let me reach a base word count.

I also need to read through the erotica short I wrote a few days ago. By now I should be able to dive in with a fresh eye for the story. I need to get that one cleaned up and out the door while I'm still thinking about it.

Speaking of writing and writerly things, early Monday morning, I bit the bullet and downloaded Write Way Pro. I heard about it through one of the RWA loops, and decided to give it a try. There's a free demo, and when you decide to buy the full, you key in the activation code and voila. You had the full version (albeit limited) all along. No extra downloads.

This thing is pretty cool. It's supposed to be similar to Scrivner, but the learning curve is easier. I was skeptical about that, but now that I've had a chance to play with it some, I have to agree. It is easier to jump in the water and splash around with Write Way Pro.

The feature that sold me, though, is the formatting aid. Supposedly, I haven't tried it yet, you can write your book in Write Way Pro, then export it so that it's ready formatted for the Kindle or Nook. Cool beans. I'm going to give it a test as soon as possible. If it works the way I hope it does, I'm going to format my upcoming erotica collection with it. We'll see. :o)

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  1. That's great news about your car. Hope hubby feels better soon. Let me know about write way formatting. So far, I like the demo. I haven't tried Scrivener yet.


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