Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meanwhile, in the land of revisions...

Whoa, mama. I'm a tired girl tonight. I'm deep, deep, deep in revisions now. No turning back at this point. I've cut about 500 words so far, and I'm debating tacking a denouement on the end of the story. I probably won't make up my mind on that until after I've finished cleaning up what's already on the page, though.

As it stands...close, but no cigar. I'm still hunting and obliterating crutch words, but overall, when I read through the story, I'm excited by the potential. Too, by working on this project, I've come to realize how much I've missed writing dark themes. If my erotic horror story passes the sniff test with my publisher, I'll continue to write in the genre simply because I enjoy it. It feels like a very natural and comfortable fit for me. I'll basically be coming full circle, and picking up where I initially started out - writing horror. Just with a sexy twist. ;o)

Well, it's after 1am, so I'd better head on to bed. Mini is back to school tomorrow, so I plan to be up and ready for editing action at the crack of dawn - aka, I'll hit the writing chair as soon as he's on the school bus. <g> By the way, I realize this is kind of a short post. But never fear, I'll be back to blogging interesting stuff tomorrow when my schedule returns to normal.

Night, night, everyone!

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