Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon Thursday

I have Sassie pup in my lap, and the cat is yowling at me from the doorway. I believe they're telling me the cool weather means we should have an afternoon nap. I'm not entirely sure I disagree.

On the other hand, there are many good writing chats going on with the #SYTYCW2 series on twitter. So You Think You Can Write 2, is a web conference of sorts held by eHarlequin. If you're interested in writing for Harlequin, this a really good way to find out what editors want, and little gems of information to help you target the line you're most interested in.

I'm wrapping up an erotic short story today. I only need about 800 more words to make it a done deal. Then I'll set it aside for the afternoon and work on something else to give me a little space from the project. Tomorrow morning, I'll start the revisions. I don't think this one will need much clean up. I'd read through what I have about four times, and so far it looks pretty smooth. Probably a tweak here and there. My work isn't usually this clean right out the gate, but the piece is short so I think that made a difference. Whatever the case, I'll just keep working with it til it feels ready. No harm, no foul.

Tonight, since it's a full moon, I'm going to break out the Moon Garden deck and do a few tarot readings. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be power days, so it should be interesting. I also want to go through my workshop notes one last time to make sure it's all smooth for my presentation. The time is very limited, so I'm going to break out my egg timer and do a practice run. Wish me luck! ;o)

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