Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Day Before Turkey Day

Funny Pictures - Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Kitten
That's a pretty good hand turkey!  
Hubby brought home a brand new computer for himself last night, and ate up most of our pitiful bandwidth transferring all his Guild Wars and iTunes junk to the new machine.

As soon as he has all the gibblets transferred and downloaded and whatnot, we're going to scrub his laptop, do a complete reboot and restore to get it back to factory settings, then I'm gonna ship the laptop off to a friend who is currently without net, and in dire need of a wireless comp that can be hauled to the library or Starbucks, or really anywhere they can get free wifi to check emails.

In about two hours, I have to drive Oldest to visit the recruiter in Ruston. It won't be much longer now before he ships out, so they keep calling to make sure he hasn't run off with some baby mama or skipped the country before basic. I understand it's necessary, but at times...a tad inconvenient when we get a last minute call out. It's the day before Thanksgiving, after all. They're lucky they even caught us at home.

I planned to get a lot done on the revisions this week, what with Mini being out of school, and all. Instead, it's been more of a mom as entertainer type arrangement. Every ten minutes, someone is coming up to me with "Mom, I'm bored". "Mom, I need a ride to the store, to the library, to somewhere else because I know you're busy." Other apparently popular cries of the week thus far: "Mom, we're out of toilet paper."

It's always some such craziness. I've begun referring to household chores as part of the fun holiday itinerary.

For example: "Mom, I'm bored."
My response: "That's wonderful, dear. When you're done with that you can get started on the dishes!"
Clearly, this is not a popular response. But it does appear to chase off the male species (of any age) for at least forty-five minutes.

I've also told the guys they better conserve the t.p. (toilet paper, yo) because come Friday, I'm not going ANYWHERE. If they run out of vitals on that day, they'll have to gather leaves, because I have no intention of shopping on Black Friday, and will not lift my keys or crank my car that day unless it is to haul someone's fool carcass to the E.R.. And then I went on to clarify that statement to Oldest yesterday as he was foraging in the fridge. If someone does get injured, and I see they're able to walk it off, even the E.R. might be out. Seriously, I'm not leaving the house this Friday. I'm going to work that day, even if I have to lock myself in my office and pretend not to hear any sounds of scuffling outside my door. Kinda like what I'd do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. <thumbs up>

Yesterday, after several humbling rounds of Angry Bird bean bag toss with Mini, (I thought this would be fun, but I can't hit the broad side of a barn, apparently), I came online to check emails and realized there was an erotica writing workshop about to start in Second Life. Since I was actually gonna be on time for it, I decided to attend. I popped in world, took a few notes, and this picture.

I'm sitting on the back bench & wearing the green shirt.
I think, at this point, I'm out of workshops for another week or so. Now I need to work through the everyday distractions so I can get in a few hours of revisions on the Shivers story. I've told everyone I've reserved the afternoon for book stuff, but we'll see how that goes. Then tonight...the cooking starts. I'm on sweets detail this year, and I'll be making sugar free fudge, cookies, and a cherry cheesecake.

So there you have it. A rundown of the current insanity. Now I need to dressed to go to this recruiter thing. Happy day before Turkey Day, everyone!

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