Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Books, More Books, and Writing Books

I'm about to move into the living room with my Shivers wip. Everyone else has gone to bed for the night, so the house is quiet. And mostly clean. Not an easy feat with all the guys tracking back and forth through the house in the evenings.

There's still laundry to throw in the dryer, which I'll fold before I go to bed. It's not that much, and I really don't mind doing it. At this point, it offers at least some excuse for my insomnia. Gotta stay up late - to finish the laundry, of course. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'd like to pick through at least one full chapter of the Shivers story tonight, and hopefully I'll have time left over to read a few more pages of Zen in the Art of Writing book before it gets too terribly late. Very interesting and inspiring book so far.

Earlier today I worked on stuff for the upcoming NaNo workshop in Second Life, and took down Halloween decorations. I also took some pictures of the Halloween tarot deck with my phone so I can do that up coming review. (It's coming soon, I promise!)

Toward the end of the year, I'm going to go through all the books I've read this year (a LOT of books) and I'm going to do a top ten list of the ones I liked, and/or found most helpful, etc.

I think I have about four more books to read before I'm ready to start list making. Off the top of my head, I can honestly say 90% of all the books I've read this year have been non-fiction, mostly writing related books. My last trip to a brick and mortar store was my anniversary weekend - Halloween weekend. I ended up buying four non fiction books for myself, including the Ray Bradbury "Zen" book. Two books were on ghost hunting, and one a fun little book on traditional witches. Hubby picked out two non fiction books on Louisiana which I should group together in with my own purchases since they all go on the same card. That's two more non-fiction books. And lastly, I bought Oldest a paranormal YA fiction/romance, which is his preferred type of book to read.

Most of the romantic fiction I've bought this year has been through Kindle, and were mostly books from writers or publishers I'm associated with in some way.

Of the paperback fiction books I've bought and read...the books that weren't Harlequins of some kind, were trade paperbacks. I don't think I purchased a single, mainstream mass market paperback this year. Without a doubt, this is a first for me.

I'm only missing one book on my "to-buy" list for this year: Christine Feehan's Dark Peril. As soon as I see it on the shelf in my area, I'll be buying it...hopefully in mass market paperback. Otherwise, I'll have to get it on Kindle. Oh! Last but not least, I bought two books in hard cover this year: Robert Heinlein's Friday, and a YA hard cover - The Replacement. I can't think of the author right off hand.

Hmm, interesting stuff... If I have time, I might go back and make a list of all the books I've bought and read this year. I've noticed that as I've gotten older, my reading habits have changed. I'm more selective about what I buy. I've made fewer impulse purchases when it comes to books. That last trip to the bookstore, now that I think of it, I went in with specific books in mind. So, I had a target subject going on. Not exactly impulsive. Also, until now, I had no idea I read so much non-fiction!

So there are a few rambling things to think about before bed. Not really what I set out to blog tonight, but that's just where my mind was flowing. Books, books, and writing books. Surprising, eh? ;o)

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