Sunday, November 13, 2011

At the End of the Day

And so hath ended the weekend of crazy. I feel like a tornado has blown through the house, and I've been grappling for my inner serenity, more so than usual. Hubby isn't feeling well, and I'm anticipating a trip to the doctor soon. I just don't see him getting any better without it, no matter how much he protests. It'll have to be after my car is fixed though, and the parts won't be in until Tuesday. <sob, sob> Oh boy, that should be fun. Car repairs and a doctor visit all in one week.

Overall, it hasn't necessarily been unpleasant, just...stressful. It's like I've been anticipating something all weekend, only I don't know what. I wrote about 10 pages here and there, wrapped up the short erotica piece (which now needs to be cleaned up), and revised a few pages of the September experiment. Which in the greater scheme of things feels like I haven't accomplished diddly squat.

This afternoon, mom brought an Oreo cake, a card, and get well soon balloon to hubby, which was so very sweet and totally unexpected. After we all ate cake, I let Mini make a mess in the kitchen. We made a couple of super bouncy ball things out of a craft kit, and then Mini played rock, paper,scissors with his dad to see which one of them would get the super bouncy ball in the blue casting mold. <g>

After Mini's bath, I put in the movie Rio, and Mini and I lounged around on the bed in my room until he fell asleep. I left the TV running, covered him with a quilt, and now I'm back up again, and not quite sure what to do all by myself. I could read for a bit, I guess. I have a couple of books I'm picking my way through...Le'see...I have Marie Ferrarella's The Doctor's Guardian right here by my keyboard. And if I'm ot up for reading, there is always writing or revisions to be done.

Sadly, I missed my monthly RWA chapter meeting again. The meeting was Saturday, and I'd planned to go before the crap started with my car. I had no way to get there is the excuse this month, which puts me out of touch with the group since August. <whimper> I know it sounds like no big deal, but writerly weekends are my thing, how I like to spend my personal time. Even though it's only once a month, if I want it, I kind of have to plot, plan, and arrange for that time. Lately, though, other events have taken precedence, and there's really nothing to be done about it. So, chin up, I guess. There is always next month, and next month...and then next month. Boo.

Whew. Thinking of my inner peace again. Lighting my candle. Birds of Paradise from Mary's Candles. My absolute favorite scent. Now. Deep breath. Lemme lay this one down for the record: I will be so thrilled when things finally level out and I can get my shit together. Mama needs a day off!


  1. I hope the hubster gets to feeling better!

    My minibeast likes Rio too! HA HA! I can probably recite it line by line at this point.

    One day, Cora, we're gonna have a few drinks at a conference, and it's going to feel like two old friends meeting up after far too long apart. ;-)

  2. I don't doubt it one bit, Isy. When we meet up at conference we're gonna have lots of catching up to do. ;D


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