Monday, October 17, 2011

A Writing Mom's Life

funny pictures - kitteh jokes
Oh, kippy cat... You're such a ham. I'm sure you already know that.
As an added bonus, you get a silly stamp of approval from MiniBear. :*)

For the next two days Mini is home with me. It's "teachers need a break" vacation, I think. They're rounding things up for the next 9 weeks or whatever. It's a very short fall break, and probably the only one the teachers will get before the holidays hit. I'm all cool with that, and thought if nothing else, I'd get to sleep in.

 Instead, Mini woke me up this morning by coming into the room crying. How's that for a wake up call? <paranoid twitch> Of course, in true CZ fashion, I immediately start freaking out. I'm thinking he's hurt himself, or something happened to the pets, or...I don't know. Fires and screaming and buckets of blood. That's what I thought. I grabbed him, and I'm feeling around for gaping wounds and broken bones when he sobs, "Mom, I puked in the hallway."

Oh dear. Yeah, that's when I realized he was hot to the touch, and had the whiff o' stomach bug smell coming off him. If you're a parent, you might know what smell I'm talking about. It's very faint, but if I get within three feet of someone with a stomach virus, I can smell it. It's a sickly, bilious smell. Arg.

I got up and put him on the couch with a blanket, gave him some Sprite, then went about cleaning up the mess. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but now I'm all twitchy and weirded out that if I don't sanitize every surface I'm sure to get sick with what he's got. I'd planned to bake homemade almond sugar cookies today, but now I'm kind of worried I'll pass around too many germs if I do. I'm torn! **

In the meantime, I'm printing up my Shivers story so I can begin revisions. Woot! I haven't picked a title yet, but I hope to have this puppy ready to submit to EC by the end of the month. Wish me luck! I enjoy writing this kind of horror, so I do hope they take this one.

Once the Shivers story is out the door, I'll begin revisions on the September Experiment, which I hope to have in decent shape by the end of the year. I may end up pitching the S.E. book at the Written in the Stars conference in 2012. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I guess in the long run it depends when it's ready for someone else's eyes. We'll see!

This week sometime - my schedule is a bit crazy right now - I'll be adding my two cents about the book Writing Subtext by Linda Seger. While on twitter earlier, I saw someone post a link to a snippet from the book, and thought it was worth sharing. You can find the article here: Subtext: A Definition and Exploration. (no registration required)

Also spotted interesting article from the New York Times. Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers out of Deal. I'm not really sure what I think about that one yet, but there it is.

That's all for now. Sassie pup is whining at my feet, and Mini is calling for more Sprite. Too, I need to put another stack of paper into the printer. Ah, a day in the life of a writer mom. <g> I hope you're all having a calm, serene, and sick free Monday!

**UPDATE: Mini just informed me I am indeed making those almond sugar cookies. He's waiting - chop, chop! ^_^


  1. Awww poor kid. I woke up whenever my kid walked into my room..I'm not a sound sleeper at all.

  2. Thankfully he seems to be feeling better today. I think we all got a bit more sleep last night. I kinda wonder if the cooler temperatures have something to do with it.


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