Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thoughts Before Bed

Sitting down by the window...
It's after 3am, and I just wrapped up my final timed writing for Saturday. I wrote a total of 5063 words, and I think the novella is pretty much done. Right now the story is sitting at 18674 words, and I'm willing to bet it will expand a bit when I work it over, revise it and all that...something I'll start on later today - Sunday. <g> These long nights get confusing after a while. Anyway, come hell or high water, I want to have this story ready to submit by the end of the month. During November, I'll be focusing solely on revising the September Experiment, so if anything else is getting done, it's gotta be in October.

About today's picture of me sitting at the window... When I logged into Second Life the other day, I noticed a few new scenes had been added to my skybox. What an awesome surprise! One of the new builds is this sweet little haunted house. . I think I'll be using this build for a while. The picture above was taken in front of the second floor window, inside the house of course.. There's a "forgotten" chair for you to sit in and stare out the window at the moonlight. It's absolutely gorgeous. Below is the actual front of the haunted house. How pretty is that?  The designer did a fantastic job. I believe this one is my new favorite!

Home Sweet Home

Cassie met with me earlier in the evening and we did several timed writings in the courtyard of the haunted house.When I get some free time, I'd love to put some Halloween decorations out there! ^_^

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