Friday, October 28, 2011

A Spell on Her Lips

The night before last, I dreamed about a snake. It was resting on the floor beside the refrigerator, in the hallway that leads back to my office. When I noticed it, I froze and the snake lifted its head to look at me.

Hubby stood at the stove cooking, and didn't notice the snake was only a few feet away from him. Without any fear, I walked over and grabbed the snake by the neck and blew into its mouth. When I did that, it stunned the snake, and I looked down at its face. For good measure, I blew into it's mouth a second time, then dropped the snake and walked away to the kitchen sink, over by hubby.

When I turned around again, I saw the snake coming directly toward me. It had followed me from the hallway to the area by the sink. I had no shoes or socks on, and took a step back, bracing myself for the snake's bite. When the snake opened it's mouth to bite me, I woke up.

I remembered that dream when I woke up this morning, and thought I'd better write it down before I forgot it entirely. Snakes and spiders are a few recurring symbols in my dreams, but that is definitely a strange take on the snake theme to add to my dream diary.

It's rainy and cold today, but it's Friday so I'll take it. The kippy cat came home from his wanderings right before the rains started, lucky beast. He's curled up in big boy's room snoozing. Sassie is napping in her doggy bed. Really, it's a relaxed, cozy at home kind of day. Since it's still fairly early in the day, and all the house cleaning is done, I'm about to take this Manuscript Makeover book to the den and read the end of it. I'm very close to finishing.

Later this afternoon, I need to outline a short story that's due early next year. It won't take me that long to write it and revise it - I'll probably have it ready for submission sometime next month. But I want to make sure it's as solid as I can make it, so a little planning is in order.

So there it is, the agenda du jour. Easy, breezy Friday. Gateway to the weekend. It totally gets my stamp of approval.

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