Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleepy Thursday

At the self photography booth on Witches Island.

Is it Friday yet?  I'm so tired this morning I can barely keep my eyes open. I was late going to bed, and once I finally managed to fall asleep something kept waking me up every five minutes.Very frustrating. I finally got up out of bed around five thirty and did a tidy-up job around the house before I had to wake Mini up for school. Poor kid didn't want to wake up either. I ended up tickling him to wake him up, and for a while he played the whole "mom, I'm sleeping" fake out game. Huh, not gonna deter me with that! I threatened to tickle the beans out of him, and made him giggle until he gave in and went to the den to get dressed and eat breakfast in front of the TV. Altogether, not a bad start to the day.

I made coffee after I put him on the bus, and I'm going to try to get a few words in before I have to ditch the PJs for jeans and drive Oldest to Ruston to fill out forms or some such thing. I'm taking my Kindle with me since I imagine I'll be stuck waiting for a while. Hmm. Kindle + waiting room. That doesn't sound too bad, actually. It could actually be peaceful. Of course, if it's too peaceful, I may fall asleep. <g>

The shivers story I started at the beginning of the week is getting there, but it's not done yet. It's looking like it may take the weekend to finish it. Boohoo. I'm going to try to hit it hard this afternoon when I'm back from driving Oldest around, and after I pick up Mini. I should at least be able to get another 5-10 pages in. Whatever happens, I'll see it through. I like the story, and I'm actually quite far along in it...if only it didn't keep expanding. Oh well, I suppose in the long run that's a good thing. 

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