Saturday, October 22, 2011

On Being A Bookworm/Couch Potato Hybrid

I think I've slept through most of today. It's 8:30pm now, and I doubt seriously the on and off catnaps all day will stop me from sleeping tonight. Yesterday I didn't feel tip top, but thought it was because I stayed up so late working. Well, it hit me this morning. I feel awful. Achy. And there's a tickle in my throat - just enough to annoy me into coughing. Ho hum. Universe, are you listening? I don't have time to be sick. :*(

My anniversary is next weekend, so whatever crud I have, I need to kick it by then. I'm drinking peppermint tea at the moment to try and combat the tickle-y throat. Earlier I took a Zyrtec, so I'm all zombie'd out from that. Honestly, I hate that feeling. It's like being alert, but disconnected. It annoys the crap out of me. I like to keep going 24/7, if the mood strikes me. Let me just say that Zyrtec doesn't help facilitate that lifestyle at all. Anyway, all things considered, tonight I'm probably going to sleep on the couch to avoid breathing my germs into hubby's face. I worry about him getting sick.

Tonight after the guys have gone on to bed, I'm going to wrap up in a cozy blanket, put in a horror movie for background noise, and read - if I'm able to stay awake. That remains to be seen. But I'd really hoped to gain some ground in this latest book I've picked up. So far, I'm only on chapter five, but I've learned a lot from it already. If I felt better, I'd probably be further along in it than I am now, but over the past few days, as soon as I settle in to read or watch anything on TV, I'm snoring the house down. It's crazy. I can't seem to keep my eyes open.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a few chapters in. That's the plan. But tomorrow - more reading and resting. Apparently I need it.

For those who are looking for updates on the September Experiment. I haven't forgotten it. I haven't given up on it. I've pushed back working on it until I've finished reading this latest book, and once I've had a chance to test out the process on my <still!> unnamed erotic horror story.

And there you have it, the Saturday report. I'm going to go check on the guys and see what they're doing. Then I might make an almond flour mug cake. It's totally Atkins legit! :9


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  2. Sure hope you feel better soon, Cora. ((hugs)) If you have any (and you aren't allergic to it), drink some Echinacea tea. It will boost your immune system so it can kick the bug's ass. Oh , but be careful if you have an auto-immune disease, then you might be better with another herb tea, like chamomile. Get well, or I may come down there and mother hen you till you go nuts, lol.


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