Sunday, October 02, 2011

October Already?

It's been a couple of days since I blogged. I don't know how it got away from me, but I was surprised to see the date on the last post when I came in this morning. Time to fix that. <cracks knuckles>

First thing when I sat down at my desk, I answered all the reader mail I've received in the past week or so. I appreciate your letters! And you're right. I really should write another Werekind book. I'm amazed that's where all my questions and search requests seem to be directed. At any rate, I'll get on that next Werekind book asap - scout's honor!

I'm registered for a workshop about emotional structure that starts tomorrow over at Savvy Authors. It runs until the 9th, so I'll have plenty of time to read through everything and complete any assignments while working on my book. Hopefully I'll walk away with new info to inject into the September Experiment wip. I'd love to strengthen the emotional element while doing rewrites.

Speaking of the September Experiment. Last night...errr, rather, in the wee hours of the morning, Cass Curtis and I were up chatting and out of the blue a tricky plot issue we'd been waffling over suddenly resolved itself. Happy dance! That's the one issue that has been holding me back, and now there's a piece to fill it in without seeming forced. It was an issue with my hero. It seemed like something was missing about him. After asking a round of questions, I realized the guy had no true mission within the story. I needed to give him a sound goal. One that he could execute and the reader could track his progress. Well, color it done.

Another issue I tackled last night - the theme of the book. I had a theme written down, but it wasn't strong enough and realized I had to dig deeper. The story at its core is about finding love where you'd least expect it. A common theme, but I didn't have the core concept mined so I could ensure my characters could follow the bend of the story. Now that I know what my theme is I can strengthen the character arcs, and leave little nuggets throughout the story that solidify the theme.

I gotta say, while I understand the concept of theme, that's always been one of my weak points. I can't think of a single story I've ever written where I didn't wrestle with the theme. Oh well. I'm coming around gradually. Slow but steady. That's the saying, right? <g>

The house is quiet for the moment so I better take advantage of it. I wanted to get a little work done on the September manuscript today. First things first - straightening out the spine of my story. Oh boy. This is what I meant a few weeks back when I said the real work was just beginning. Wish me luck!

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  1. Consider your wish-fulfilled. :-) I personally love the new energy you've brought to your hero's sense of purpose and his mission. This is one hawt dude!


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