Thursday, October 06, 2011

Eraserpocalypse 2011

Kawaii iPhone Erasers
So, the good news is this: I survived Eraserpocalypse 2011. Now, where do I begin?  Let's start with the school book fair. Wednesday morning, I sent Mini to school with a dollar for snack money, and instead, he met me after school in the pick up zone with an eraser. He was so proud of the darn thing, and I have to admit it's pretty cool as far as erasers go. His eraser is a miniature iPod touch with icons such as twitter, flickr, etc., etc. It's got a blue back on it (like his real iPod touch gel protector), and is similar to the blue iPhone eraser shown above.

He talked about his new eraser all the way home from school. He marveled over the printed icons. He waxed poetic over the blue back of the eraser which is a sign of destiny this eraser and his iPod were meant to live together under the same roof. I'm thinking the whole time how awesome to hear him being appreciative of something that is really such a simple thing.

That was before the crap hit the fan.

I've been taking a writing workshop this week, and Oldest has been preparing for his recruiter to come over for a check in. (Oldest ships out in January.) Anyway, around 6pm, the neighbor kids came over to play with Mini. All four of them. All screaming, hyper little girls.

Mini took a box of Legos outside so they could all play, but within thirty minutes time, Hubby had to send the neighbor kids home because all the kids - Mini included - began throwing toys all over the back yard. These are little things, too. Stuff that really shouldn't be outside. I got on to Mini about that later, but at the time, I was working, and not paying attention to what toy he'd grabbed for outdoors.

When hubby and Mini finally came inside, Mini was howling. Bawling his eyes out. I thought he had been hurt, and got up to find out what the heck was going on. Hubby informed me the drama was over his precious new iPod eraser. He'd lost it in the yard when the kids were throwing toys.

Uh-oh, right?  It was already dark by that point, but we turned on the outside lights and walked around the yard in the dark looking for it. I was pretty sure by now that one of the neighborhood dogs had probably found it while the kids were playing and gnawed it up. Mini was inconsolable. Hubby gave him a stern talking to about his toys, and then gave him a dollar to buy a new eraser from the book fair. That made the evening at least mildly bearable. Mini finally calmed down, and then I went on with the nightly routine - supper, bath, TV time, bedtime.

Since I had a little time to tinker around online, I decided to look up those iPod erasers, and that turned into a massive search of omg proportions. The only USA listing of them on eBay was a set of four erasers for $55, and another auction that had multiple listings in one - but the iPhone erasers (as shown above) were all sold out. *_* I realized if Mini didn't get another iPod eraser from the book fair, he was going to have to do without. They were even sold out of the blue ones on CoolZips. Craziness!

Early this morning, a little after 6 am, I got Mini up for school, and put the leash on Sassie pup to take her for a walk around the yard. It was still dark, but I looked for that damn eraser. Nothing. Not even little crumbly, dog-eaten bits. I took Sassie pup back in the house and Mini didn't seem to realize I'd looked for the eraser. That being the case, I didn't say anything. Out of sight, out of mind, or at least that's what I was thinking.

Then around 10 minutes until the bus was supposed to arrive, Mini rushes to the front door, ready to go outside. He's got his back pack and his jacket, and I'm trying to tell him it's too early. "No, mom, I've got to look for my eraser!"

I felt so bad for the lil guy. I told him I'd just come in from looking and didn't see it. His shoulders sagged. Poor thing looked so disappointed. So much so, I put on my jacket and sneakers and went outside with him for a second search. It was finally light out, after all.  I told him to go wait on his pile of rocks in the drive way for the bus, and I walked across the front yard to go around the house to where the kids were last seen playing.

On my way back there, I realized someone had left the garden hose unraveled, and as I started to step over it, I looked down, and low and behold what did I see there in the coil of the hose?  The iPod eraser. Wet with dew, but unscathed. I picked it up, dried it off, and carried it to Mini, who grabbed me into a great big hug. He wanted to take it to school, but I said NO. It would be waiting on the shelf for him when he got home.

I went on in the house with the eraser, and he came over to the screen door and whispered, "Mom, can I look at it? Just for a second?" Of course I let him, and that seemed to satisfy him that it really truly was in the house and okay. A minute or so later, the bus arrived and he had to go.

I tell ya, it's a good thing I found the eraser, because when he got out of school today he had snacks instead of a new eraser. I asked why he hadn't bought a spare. After all, his dad had given him an extra dollar or two.

"They were sold out of the iPod erasers," he told me.

Lucky breaks, kid. Lucky breaks.

On a different topic, but not really I guess - Oldest. His recruiter was supposed to come by today. Apparently he couldn't because he was getting his car towed? *_* I have no idea. But my entire day was hijacked with waiting for him to arrive. I told Oldest the next time he called to set up ad appointment and I would DRIVE him where ever. Apparently both Oldest and the recruiter took it to heart. I have to drive Oldest to an appointment tomorrow - we have to be there at 1. I just hope the recruiter guy shows up. He doesn't have a very good track record of being on time.

So there you have it, mi vida loca. There's always some insanity going on here - I don't think anyone's too surprised. Current example of craziness: at this very minute the cat and dog are wrestling under my desk. I've taken to sitting lotus style in my chair to keep my feet from catching a claw. Le sigh. Come on, Friday, don't be late!


  1. OMG, so that's what the eraser scare was all about! lol. Glad you found it. I remember searching for my nephew's lost garbage pail kids stickers back when. lol. He'd taken them to school and they were in his pants pocket and got washed. Eeps!

    Happy mini had a better outcome with his must have item.

  2. YES. That's the eraser snafu I was trying to tell you about on the phone. LOL! It was chaos, I tell you. Absolute chaos!


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