Monday, October 03, 2011

Dragging in Late

It's been a busy day, and I'm thoroughly exhausted. Right out of bed, I got Mini ready for school. Once he was on the bus, I had accounting to do - and then bills to pay. That took up most of my morning, and Oldest was chomping at the bit to leave the house. Poor beast. He kept coming to my door, and I'm like, kiddo, we're leaving when mama's ready, and that's that.

Before I left the house, I went over the first lesson in the writing workshop I'm taking over at Savvy Authors, and handled some other things online. I also printed up my manuscript to make sure I had the printer ink to do it. Nothing sucks worse than knowing you have a major print job to do, and you forget to buy an extra print cartridge. So, print first, ask questions later. Right?  Right. Anyway, after I had the manuscript sorted out, I put Oldest one out of his misery. We took the bills to the post office then dropped by the grocery story to give all our money away for food.

When I made it back home from taking care of business-y things, I made Oldest help me unload the car and put groceries away. I was running short on time by that point, and as soon as I'd finished putting all the freezer things away, I had to get right back in the car. By the time I made it to the school to pick up Mini, his class was letting out. Whew! On the upside, it seems like they got out a bit early. I didn't have to go all defensive driving to get out of the parking lot when we left.

The Lil Bear had a pretty good day, but OMG the extra homework. I let him have a snack first, changed him into some play clothes, and let him watched a couple of cartoons before settling in for homework. That gave me time to wash off my make up and get changed into some around the house refugee wear. Seriously, the stuff I wear at home, you'd think I washed in from a ship wreck. Ah well. I'm comfortable, and after a day like today, that's all the matters. Anyway, I think there was something like four or five pages of homework for Mini. Wowzers. While that might not seem like much, it's like pulling hen's teeth to keep him focused on the task at hand. He's tired and just isn't interested in more school work. I don't blame him. Still, it's a pain in the ass when you just want to settle in somewhere quiet and let everything stop for a minute.

Nevertheless, I sat at the table and monitored him while he did the homework, and by the time he'd finished hubby was home. I was too tired and busy to cook, so the man - great guy, I might add - made burgers for the lot of us. I ate two grilled patties with cheese and pickles, then checked on the workshop again before I had to set some bath water running for Mini. In other words, it's been non-stop crazy since 6 am.

The guys are snoozing now, and I'm doing my best to keep my eyes open. I still need to put the clothes in the dryer, and set Mini's uniform out for tomorrow. Once that's done, I'll be finished for the day. Finished, I tell you. <shakes fist at the sky> I'd kinda planned on reading through some of my wip tonight, but I'm just too darn tired. I can barely handle mindless and simple right now. So maybe it'll have to be a TV night for me. Night, night, everyone!

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