Monday, October 10, 2011

Come Little Children

Wah. I'm sad to see the weekend go. It didn't last nearly long enough for me. I did a few timed writings with Cassie last night, and ended up a little over 2300 words or so. Then I watched Motel Hell and worked on this Shivers story a bit. I finished up a workshop yesterday afternoon, and I hope I can apply all that new knowledge to my September Experiment wip once I start rewriting it. The workshop was about emotional depth, and the transformative arc. Interesting stuff, and I feel like I learned a lot about characterization I didn't know before. I just hope I can figure out how to apply what I've learned, because it's something I feel the manuscript needs.

This week, I'm taking a little time off to wrap up this Shivers story. I want to get it knocked out this week, and that's my current goal. Once I have it off my plate, I won't have to think about it anymore and I can focus on the September Experiment wip and/or move on to other stories I've been putting on hold. 

Too, the sooner I finish this the Shivers story and turn it in, the better I'll feel about it. It's not easy to get the right mix between sex and horror, and I've been having a lot of doubts about my story. Well, I'm gonna just go for broke and see what happens. I know the elements typical of the erotic horror/dark fantasy, but it's like I get started then shy away from writing as powerfully as I could. I need to stop being afraid of the damn story and just write it.

That's all I've got for now. It's two in the morning, and I need to get the clothes folded so I can go on to bed.  Ho hum. I'd get so much more done if only I didn't have to sleep! 

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