Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winged Warriors, Witches Island, and Mushroom Chairs

I just realized today is September 11th. The morning it happened I saw the footage on TV first thing out of bed. Still in my pajamas, I ran next door to my mother's and turned on CNN so we could find out what was going on together. It doesn't seem like it happened all that long ago at all. My thoughts and prayers to the men and women who perished, and their families, and our country. I will never forget. 

I've been sick all weekend with Mini's school born virus, so sadly, I missed out on my RWA chapter meeting yet again. This is something like the third month in a row. <cry> I'm very disappointed about that, and had everything set to go, but in the end, I worried I'd give everyone my sick germs if I attended. Rather than do that, I took some meds, curled up with my new copy of Save the Cat!, and slept most of the day.

Cora (left), a visitor in for a tarot reading, and Cass (right)
at the Midnight Moon Cafe shop on Witches Island.
Then yesterday afternoon, I joined Cass for the tarot event at the Midnight Moon Cafe in Awen (Second Life). That one was pretty light and breezy, but we had a second event at the shop on Witches Island to attend later that night.

The Witches Island event ran until midnight my time, and that one turned out to be standing room only, and there was a long line of people waiting for each of us. We were both busy pulling cards the entire time, so it was kind of hectic for a while.

I was running a bit of fever, but managed to stick it through with no problems, and I think all of the guests were happy with their readings. After it was over, Cass and I went to my fairy skybox and chatted for a minutes about the event. We've noticed that about 95% of all questions that come our way these days are about love and relationships. Interesting. I guess it's safe to say romance is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of people all around us.

Cass (left) on a mushroom and Cora (right) on a strawberry.
Cora's Skybox - shortly after midnight, Sept 11th
By the way, you can click on the pictures in this post to enlarge them. I shrank them down a bit, but not
by much. They still have lots of pretty detail.

Another cool bit of news... I got permission a day or so ago to announce that I have a brand new horror/weird tale - titled Prince of Thorns coming out soon as part of the Ultimate Angels: Tales of Winged Warriors anthology over at KnightWatch Press.  

About Prince of Thorns: A spell-casting fallen angel hunts a grisly demon who has been killing local humans for food. Yep, no sweet, baby-faced angels in this one. ;o) 

Le'see what else is going on... Oh, an update on the September Experiment. I wrote a total of 10310 words from Sept 5th to Sept 9th. I fell short of my goal on Friday, only 816 words. That was the morning Mini woke up tossing cookies, and I was soon thereafter following his lead.

I feel much better today, not 100% exactly, but good enough to get the rest of that word count today, so hurray for the Sept. Experiment Weekend's Off thing. I can make up for a sick day and not feel guilty about having missed a day in the first place. That's a first for me!

Anyway, I hope this post makes up for lost time. I'm ready to start charting my word count for next week, and it should be a bit easier to reach now that I have my entire outline on a story board. Over the next few days, when I have a few free minutes, I'll break out the camera and take a picture of it...the mess that is my mind. <g>

That's all for now. Happy wishes!

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  1. Not sure why Blogger and Google are being so mean to me tonight. Just wanted to leave a comment and say that I'm glad you're feeling better and to share my own excitement over your new story coming out! Kick ass angels rulz! Wooyah! :D


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