Saturday, September 03, 2011

September Experiment

Earlier this week, around Wednesday or so, I had this crazy epiphany, and decided I have no good excuse not to get back on a writing schedule. At the same time, I want to make sure I have days I can leave the computer and not have to worry about writing - or the lack thereof. You know that feeling I'm talking about? For example, you're in the middle of the grocery store trying to decide between peas and broccoli and you suddenly think: I could be at home writing right now. Yeah that. So totally unproductive and ridiculous. Time to ditch the "guilty writer" syndrome. Everyone has to leave the computer at some point.

So,  I made a goal to write 2k a day, or 10k a week. If I don't make the 10k on Friday, I have to write on the weekend to make up for it. If I make the 10k on Friday, I have the weekend off, or can use that time for whatever I want it for: shopping, sleeping on the couch, watching cartoons with Mini. Whatever. I printed up a September calendar, and began tabulating my word count.

On Wednesday, my bff and crit partner Cassandra Curtis and I set out to do a heap of timed writings. Early on, we did a couple of 30 minute timed writings, but as we headed toward Friday, we broke that down into 15 minute writings - which I find far easier to manage. With the timed writings, I found out that I can easily do four 15 minute times writings, and at the very least have that base 2k words a day goal met. So, this is definitely doable, and I still have most of the day for myself to do family stuff like shopping, picking kids up from school, etc.

Each Saturday, I'm going to toss up a weekly accountability post. This week, I managed to write 11,664 words. Anything after that, anything written over the weekend, I'm going to consider a bonus. It won't be attached to next week's quota, which starts on Monday.

Hopefully, pacing myself in this way will help me avoid burn out. At the same time, if I managed to write 2k every day, I should have 50k by the end of the month. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, like I said, this is an experiment. At the end of the month, I'll total what I've got, and report my findings. Sounds so scientific doesn't it?  Heh. ^_^ Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. In addition to the sweet word gainage, we also got to brainstorm in between and also dish on the latest news. If we could somehow combine it the chocolate and a mani/pedi, it would be pure bliss. Heehee.

    So very happy with my nice word count and whoa, 11k + is wicked awesome! I am so on board with this fabulous idea of yours!

  2. That would be awesome, girl. Chocolate and mani-pedi's, plus all the word counts and brainstorming. Spoilt rotten. I could go for that! ^_^

  3. Nice plan. Are you writing one long work, or lots of short ones? I'm doing a similar thing, but I'm forcing myself to write a few short standalone stories at the same time, so that my long work doesn't get stale. The long work will take longer, but hopefully I'll have a nice audience for when I publish it.

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  5. Hi Asporina, I'm working on a novel. I guess I should have mentioned that in the post. I'll definitely mention it the next time I update.

    Anyway, the 50k is for a single story, and it will only be a rough draft at the end of the month. On top of that, I imagine the draft is going to need quite a bit of cleanup work.

    The revisions will probably take another month or two. By the time it's cleaned up and ready for submission, the finished story will probably be around 65k in length.

    Of course, this is all experimental, I don't know if I can hit that 50k this month, so we will see.

    I should mention that word count won't be the end number for the book. The final length will depend on what scenes I need to add, cut, or flesh out during the revisions.

    The big idea - I'm talking the BIG picture overall - is to have a novel finished by the end of the year. ;D


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