Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Experiment: Now Entering Phase 2

It's done. This afternoon I wrote THE END on my September Experiment wip. The ending word count for the rough draft is 50,127 - not including an additional 2,900 in a separate file that germinated the idea for the entire story. Now, for some stats...

  • I started writing the book August 31st, and finished this afternoon, Sept. 25th. 
  • I worked on the draft for approximately 26 days. 
  • Five of those writing days, I claimed zero word count. (No writing.) Basically, a week off.
  • Median average words per day 1,928 
  • Highest number of words for one full day: 5,078 on Sept. 1st
  • Lowest number of counted words for one full day: 816 on Sept. 9th
  • On average, Wednesday was my most productive day of the week - a total of 12,263 words
  • Least productive day of the week - Saturday, with a total of 3997 words
I'm taking the rest of September off to recoup from writing the draft. I'll probably blog, and I'll probably tinker with index cards, but I don't plan to crack open the September Experiment book file again until October. I need a few days away from the book so I'll be able to see it more clearly when I pick it up again.  

In early October, I'll start sorting files and preparing for revisions. Ideally, I'd like to have a readable, full manuscript (although it may still need a fine polishing) within two months. I may finish sooner, I may go over by weeks or even months. It's all a learning experience. The gist is to see if I can duplicate the process I used to complete Wicked Obsession. I should probably mention there's no deadline attached to the manuscript at this point, which was by far the driving force behind getting Wicked Obsession finished as quickly as possible. Overall, I'd be thrilled to have the September manuscript finished and polished to the best of my ability by the end of the year. 

Now that I've got all that set out for myself, I'm going to have cheese cake, fall across the couch, and watch a movie. Night, night, everyone! 


  1. Cowabunga! I knew you could do it, but wow girl! You beat every expectation! Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Cass! Now to pull it apart and turn it into something readable. LOL ^_^


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