Thursday, September 08, 2011

One Mile Quickly Becomes Ten

It's 2:08 am Thursday morning. Hm. Apparently, I missed a blogging day. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm going to declare alien abduction because of the missing time.

Wednesday was barely tolerable, so I'm glad that's over with. Oh, man... It started with hubby needing me to find a pair of socks for him - at four in the morning. Sassie pup didn't want to go back to bed after that, so I went on my own, and right as I was dozing off she came scratching at the door. At that point, I decided I might as well get up and write for a bit, but I got side tracked because I still needed to get out Mini's uniform, make coffee, feed the stray dog that lives in our hedges, and by the time I got to the point I could make it into my office to write it was six am - which is time to wake up the lil bear for school.

For some reason, getting him dressed was a chore. He was staring at the TV, so I couldn't get his shirt on. Then I couldn't seem to get his socks and shoes on right. He stood up and nearly had a cow because he somehow got cat hair on his navy trousers. <cry> By the time I got him on the bus, I was ready for a cup of coffee - I'd already poured two cups, but they were cold by the time I got to them so I ended up pouring them out. So, I take a hot cup of coffee back to my office and... there is no internet.

There continued to be no internet until well after hubby came home from work. The AT&T network was down in our area, so I couldn't use my tab timer to get my timed writings in the way I like. I still managed to write 1k that morning, and just about an hour ago, I wrote another 1200 words with Cass while on Skype. So, I made my September Experiment quota of the day just in the nick of time.

Speaking of which, updates on the experiment. For Wednesday, I wrote 2217 words. Since I started the 2k promise on August 31st, I've written a total of 19,089 words. I've been making a spreadsheet of all my progress, and have been breaking my writing sessions down into 15 minute increments 4 times a day. So, I don't feel burnt out by the time I shut down my computer for the night. So far, I'm very happy with my progress.

This Saturday I have my local RWA meeting, and once I'm back home, I have a tarot session in Second Life to attend with Cass. If possible, I still hope to get in my 2k word count. It's not required for weekends - I've arranged things this way so I can take Saturdays and Sunday's off, but deep down, I'd still like to make my word count.

Hopefully Thursday (today) will fairly uneventful so I can crack the whip on this wip. I'd like to get at least 2500 words, or more, if I can manage it.

Oh! Some other things I did on Wednesday (yesterday), I created a list of all my settings. I tried to describe some of them loosely, and ended up with a problem. So, I found all this left over construction paper Mini brought home from his Kindergarten tablet, and I used it to draw maps of some of my trickier settings. This helped tremendously on one scene where I wanted my heroine to be able to see the hero from a certain standing point in her house - looking down a long corridor. If I hadn't drawn out that setting, I probably wouldn't have realized until in house (publisher) edits, that my scene setting just wasn't feasible for what I wanted my characters to do. I'm so glad I worked out that problem. Very awkward!

Anyway, that's just a general update of how things are going. I really need to get to bed. I have to be up in a few hours to get the kidlet ready for school. Whew! One more day til Friday. I'm counting the hours and hangin' in there.

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