Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday Grab Bag

Oh dear, I'm out of Sprite Zero. I lifted my can to take a drink and...nothing. Not a drop. Boo. I feel very ill prepared to blog post, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

Last week, I wrote a total of 12,682 words. Those timed writings really paid off. I plan to do many more of them starting tomorrow. My goal is to write at least 2k daily = 10k a week. If I don't reach my quota by Friday, I have to make it up on the weekend.

Someone asked if this word count is exclusive to one story, or if I'm counting the words across several projects. All the word counting that I report is going toward one story. If I write something on the side, that word count does not go into my weekly count. Right now, I'm focusing on one project only, which is kind of the overall goal of my September Experiment - to see if I can write a novel length book (a complete first draft) by the end of this month.

I took off Sunday, and did a bit of brainstorming, and took a ton of notes. I added a new character - an antagonist. I had a sort of general omnipotent antagonist, but I changed that to give the threat a face, and make the danger more immediate and scene focused. I also added another secondary character, and worked on building my hero a bit more. He still needs more fleshing out.

I did a plot sketch Sunday afternoon, and realized I need more tension/danger/conflict. So, I'll have to rewrite that plot sketch again once I have more pieces of the puzzle. I note carded the major scenes, so I have most of my plot points. I have the beginning sorted out in it's entirety. That much I have just the way I want it. Sometimes this coming week, I need to choose between two endings, and I need to add more scenes.

At any rate, that's where I stand on the current WIP.

Saturday night, I had to make a run to the grocery store, and I took Oldest with me. It was raining, and once I got on the road, I realized it was very windy. I thought, hm...strange weather we're having. I made it to the store with no problem and sent Oldest in. I sat in the car reading while Oldest picked up something, like, three things we needed, and then we drove back home. I didn't think anything of it.

Sunday morning, when I turned on the computer, the headline was that Tropical Storm Lee had landed and hit South Louisiana. Aha. The weather made perfect sense then. I looked at the weather map and saw the tropical storm pushing up through the state, and spinning out right on top of us. We had a good strong arm come over us, and it looks like we'll have rain for a few days, and high winds. Yeah, yeah, I kinda live under a rock. What else can I say? I'm just grateful the power has stayed on. We had a blip earlier in the day, and I was silently praying that we wouldn't have a long power cut. It came right back on, and I was ready to dance through the house in my slippery socks to celebrate. As long as we have electricity, I can deal with the crappy weather.

Anyway, it's 12:45 Monday morning. I'm going to hit a quick timed writing and then probably hit the sack. Ah, I get to sleep in, too. I love these long holiday weekends! :o)

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