Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mish Mash Tuesday

Whew! I survived Monday. Barely. I had unexpected visitors, worrisome telephone action, hubby had to work late, and my son got a note home - plus he got hit in the back of the head by the bully at school. Grr!

I just don't know what to do for poor Mini. He's a different animal than I was at that age. I grew up with much older boy cousins that were rough and tumble with a habit of taking my stuff from me. While I wasn't targeted like Mini, no one hesitated to scrap with me, so I ended up the same way. If someone walked up and punched me in the back of the head, I turned around and tagged them directly on the end of the nose. And if I missed my chance then, I'd find my chance later. And back then, being into outdoorsy play, I also had incredible, you-wouldn't-effing-believe aim with a baseball. Go ahead and knock me down now, buster. When I get up, I'll tag you five yards out in the head with a knuckle ball. That's a true story, btw, and just the way it was back then. As you can probably imagine, I didn't get picked on very often.

But Mini is a different sort of kid. I had to teach him to shout "leave me alone", and I literally had to teach him to shout it. I had to put on the old cheerleader voice and convince him it was okay, we were practicing, to get those words out there so everyone could hear him. He covered his ears the first few time and looked worried - we don't shout at home - so this was a very startling thing for him. Poor kid. But getting hit in the head? I don't expect him to put up with that crap. Why haven't they separated these kids yet? And why haven't they called the little monster's mother in for a talk about her child's behavior? I don't get it.

On the upside, I started back on the Atkins diet last week (Monday, Sept. 5th) with BFF Cass Curtis, and as of this morning I'm down five pounds. We're both shaping up before heading to the Written in the Stars conference in Shreveport next year. My goal is to be back in a size 7 around that time. I'm not worried at all what my end weight turns out, but I'm thin without being too thin - healthy looking - when I'm roughly a size 7. I was that size before and right after I had Mini in 2005. Let's just say I got comfortable, and fluffy, after that. <g>

On to writerly things... The latest update on the September Experiment! As of last night, my wip is parked at 28,280 words. Not too shabby. I'm a little over half way to the minimum safe word count of 50k, and by the end of today, I should be sitting at a cool 30k.

I have two scenes mapped out for writing this afternoon. I plan to hit at least three fifteen minute writing bursts to get the words down on paper. These are bare bones scenes, and kind of messy, but I'm working on this like I did with Wicked Obsession. (Which was written on a very tight deadline.) I'll go back and clean it up/flesh it out on the 2nd pass. Right now, I have a plot skeleton, and I'm trying to fill it in with all the essential bits - the heart of the story. I'm trying to make sure my story structure is as it should be. The rest can be fixed. If I don't have the essential beats in place, this sucker will either bomb, or need massive rewrites. I don't have the time or desire to deal with a mess like that. So, I have to get this part right the first time.

One more thing before I close...

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That's it for now. Wow, I just noticed it's already after one pm! Where does the time go? I have to pick up Mini in a bit, so I better get up and make beds and all that jazz to prepare the house. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. When I started school I was terribly picked on because I was so tall. I was quiet and meek and wouldn't say anything if I was hit. The school had a policy that if there was a fight that no matter who started it all participants would be punished. After a few times of being called down to the school for me being beat up my mom had had enough. Now my mom is this little bitty woman of about 5 ft on a good day (by the age of 8 I was even with her). But she worked in a man's world and was (and still is) a scrapper. On the ride home after being called in again my mom turns, looks me in the eye, and says that if she has to be called out of work again for a fight that I've been involved in then I better of punch the little #@$%*^. Because if I hadn't then she was going to punch me. This was startling to me because my mom never ever hit me before. Yelled yes, hit no. I took her word for it and the next time I hit one of my bullies (which were all boys)and I laid him out. That was that never got beat up on like that again.

  2. Even if you talk to the teacher and principal they don't do anything? What are they waiting for? if your son gets hurt...call the police.

  3. This is why more and more kids get home schooled, because of little snotty twerps like that bully and his parents.

    I would see about enrolling mini in self defense class to he can learn to protect himself. Nothing like a little judo or karate to teach a bully some manners. Not only that, but it will help him learn how to be a little more assertive and give him confidence, which that little snot kid is slowly eroding. Grrrr.

    Or else Auntie CC is gonna go over and show the bully her shrunken head collection and see if he'd like to join! That should scare him enough to get his act together be a human being and stop being a bully. lol (okay, yeah, I don't have a head collection, but I'd buy one if it would help mini. lol)


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