Thursday, September 01, 2011

In Advance of Friday Morning

Early this morning I somehow messed up some of the blogger posts from my archive. In the blink of an eye, things went all screwy. <Cry> I'm still not sure how that happened, although it could have something to do with me tinkering with things at almost 2 in the morning. Crazy, right? Ah well. Thankfully I downloaded the archive about four months ago and created a backup, so I should have all of the older, important baby posts on disk somewhere. That's the thing with adding family milestones on a blog rather than adding it to say a scrap book or something similar.

Anyway, today I'm going to do a few timed writings and try to get my word count up for the week. I have to go to Mom's on Friday morning and take her more stuff for the charity shop in Ruston, so I'll probably be away from the computer for much of the day. I imagine I'll have lunch with her, and chat for a while, and by the time  we're finished sorting and packing and loading bags and boxes into the truck, it'll be time to go pick up the Mini beast from school. In other words, writing wise, I've got to make today count.

I'm very happy with the progress I made last night/early this morning with my partner in crime Cassandra Curtis. We were up until well after midnight doing timed writings on our current projects. I wrote a little over 3800 words - about nine pages. Ideally, I'd like to add a similar amount of words to my project today. At least 2k words. I'd be very happy with that.

I printed a calendar sheet to map my word count, and I've pinned it to my wall.  I used a September harvest calendar for 2011 that I downloaded from the Microsoft website. I'm going to start charting my daily and weekly word counts on it. I'd like to log at least 10k a week, and I think if I make myself write down what I'm writing every day, it might help to enforce the habit.

That's all for now. I'm off to get some writing done while the day is young, and the house is quiet. I hope you all have a Happy Thursday. :3

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