Friday, September 23, 2011

Cora's Picks: Chandra Ryan's Ravenborne

In Chandra Ryan’s novel Ravenborne, a wary king summons a telepathic young woman named Saraphina Raven to his keep because he believes someone is out to take his throne. 

A full-blood dragoness, Leissa, was once betrayed by others of her kind and sentenced to live ten lifetimes as a servant in human form. She plans to put her own child on the throne so she might see her bloodline thrive in a position of royalty long enough for her to live out the remainder of her sentence in peace.

Leissa knows that if Sara makes it to the keep, the young woman will telepathically discover her secret plans.

Kavin, the king’s guard, has promised to retrieve Sara and deliver her safely into the king’s hands. Sara doesn’t want to be a guard, nor does she want to use her power for the king, but she’s in no position to refuse. 

To make matters worse, she finds herself falling in love with Kavin, a man who’s loyalty first and foremost, belongs to the king.

Ravenborne is an entertaining fantasy novel with an interesting premise. The author has built a world where dragons, magic, and supernatural abilities believably co-exist with humans. I recommend this book for fairy tale and fantasy romance readers who are looking for a something that delivers a different and intriguing take on the classic dragon versus maiden tale. 

You can buy Chandra Ryan's Ravenborne at Samhain Publishing

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