Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cards, Cards, and more Cards

Monday was a bit of a scramble, so I'm making up for it this morning. On the plus side, the bills are paid, and I managed to take care of everything that needed my immediate attention yesterday while running errands.

Right now, I'm working on the wip...which is currently in the form of a rubber banded bundle of index cards on my desk.

I picked up another pack of neon index cards (just in case) and an extra cork board at Wally World yesterday. Once I'm finished shuffling through these cards, I'll be pinning the first half of my novel to the one on my wall, and the other half of the book will go on the board I have on my door. It will give me more room to work, although first things first, I need to sort through the cards and figure out what I have and what I don't.

I'm currently working on filling in scene gaps. I'm fishing out the scene cards in the deck that I haven't written into a word file yet. Not my favorite thing to do, but part of the game. The good thing is it saves me from writing junk scenes I'll likely have to toss out later.

That's pretty much the order of the day - filling in those scene gaps. Once I've gone through those cards, the draft is pretty much complete. After those final scenes are written, I'll take a week off from the September Experiment to let the dust settle before breaking the book down again for the 2nd (and hopefully final) draft.

I do have another project simmering on the side - the YA I pitched back in March. I'm not working on it heavily at the moment; I'm not good at juggling projects. But, I did sit down with what I have already on the story and worked out a beat sheet for it. The rough draft - which is too short as is to be a full novel - perfectly fit into the beat sheet, which is kind of exciting. It will need beefing up, but I have a theme, a cast of starter characters, a log line, and a rough synopsis. Plus that dodgy first draft.

Anytime I think of something new for that story, I jot it down on an index card and stick it into a binder I'm keeping just for this story. By the time I get around to writing it, I should have lots of information to play with. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it?

So that's what I've got. Not much, but that's not uncommon for me, I think. <g> It's after 9 (a.m.) so I better get crackin' on my story - gotta get in my word count. Have a happy Tuesday!

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