Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiki Topple and Bare Knuckle Boxing

I survived Mini's first day of school yesterday. Mini did okay too. Except for the bully from last year. I'd hate to cause a ruckus, but this year if that kid doesn't leave him alone, I'm going to have to talk to the principal about that kid's behavior, and have Mini moved to another class. Mini doesn't have any problems with anyone else, and seems to have quite a few friends. Every time we're in the store, there is always some little kid giving him a shout out. So I have no idea what that kid's effing problem is.

Once Mini came home, I had about fifty papers to sign, then we went to the dining room and had some potato chips while playing a few rounds of Tiki Topple. Later we put together some Legos and watched some junk collecting show on TV with hubby. Probably the first "normal" evening we've had since July.

Mini seemed in a good mood last night, and I didn't find any bruises on him when I bathed him. The bruises search made me think of a friend who put her bullied son in karate, but if I put Mini in anything like that, how about punch bag boxing?  Or bare knuckle boxing? That way he could learn to pop the shit out of that little brat if he had to, all without hurting his fist. But then, that would kinda be like a grade school version of Fight Club. Hmm... I'm horrible, yes, I know. It's different, though, when it's your kid getting messed with. Moving along, moving along...

I got about 1500 words written yesterday, and I'm going to try for 1k again today. I'd like to have a short story finished and ready for submission by the end of this month. Something to submit while I'm still working on the Shivers story. Anyway, that's the plan.

[Fast Forward 3 hours] Wow! In the middle of writing my post, our internet service cut out, and so did our phone service. Crazy! If not for the air conditioning, you'd swear we'd gone back to the Dark Ages. Anyway, I've almost made my 1k - I've been back and forth, doing laundry too. Now my can of Diet Dr. Pepper is almost empty, so I'm off for a new drink before I get back to writing. Have a sparkly day, y'all. Cheers.


  1. ((hugs)) Our power went out the other day, but thankfully it came back on almost immediately. I think it's everybody running their air conditioners on high 24/7 and the transformers can't take the demand. Oh well, the good thing is mini made it through unscathed. ((hugs))

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  3. ((hugs)) Mini did fine. And yikes on the power outage. We had a flicker the other day, but whew! The lights stayed on. Stay cool over there, lady!


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