Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Thursday Skinny

Mini had a pretty good day today, so that means I had a good day. The bus arrived 15 minutes early, so I told Mini not to rush. Instead, I got dressed and drove him to school myself, which was a good thing, really. The teacher hadn't arrived yet, and the classroom was locked.

The kids were sitting in the hallway with their backpacks, and I noticed the bully was there - with his mom. She was dressed for work and looked stressed, and I actually felt sorry for her. However, that doesn't mean I want that kid anywhere near mine. She came to talk to the teacher, I guess. Her boy was sitting politely at his desk when she left.

The minute I walked into the room, a little boy with glasses came up to me and began to tell me all about what had happened between Mini and the bully yesterday. During PE, the bully had apparently slammed Mini with a ball of some kind. The bully got a time out for that, but later was allowed to rejoin the group, but he soon started in with another kid. Within minutes he threatened to shoot their mom, or some such thing. The little boy was so sweet and concerned about, and I was relieved someone had witnessed Mini being tormented.

At any rate, the bully didn't mess with anyone today. I don't know if what all transpired, but I'm all up for a day of peace. So is Mini, I think. He's been bouncy and happy since he got home. Right now he's making a "project" out of a box. Basically, he's putting tape all over it.I gave him a roll of scotch tape and let him have at it. Home sweet home.

Tonight I'm supposed to call Mom and tell her what our plans are for the weekend. My birthday is on Sunday, and Oldest's is on Monday. We had plans to drive down to Grand Isle, but now I don't know. Hubby may have to work this weekend, and who knows what the weather will be like with that hurricane over on the east coast. Boo hoo. So for now, all I can do is promise there'll be cake. We'd wanted to do something special since this will be Oldest's last birthday with us before he ships out for the Navy. I'm hoping we'll still be able to.

On to writerly things...I started a binder for the current writing project this afternoon. I still need to round up the rest of the scattered notes lying around my office, but I'm hoping this will help me keep all the twists and turns organized. Once I get finished with this project, I'll photograph the layout of the binder to share on the blog. So far the binder contains: character sketches for the hero and heroine, a rough plot skeleton with all the major plot points in place, part of a setting sheet, and the first and last chapters of the book written out. Not much, but it's something. At least now I have a general target to shoot for.

I'll be using First Draft in 30 Days to keep me on track, which is what I used when while writing Wicked Obsession. There's no way I would've finished that book on time if I hadn't had some kind of system going. Thankfully I'm not on a crushing deadline this time, so hopefully that means I'll be able to do the same kind of writing I did on the last book, but without the panic attacks.

Also, here's an interesting link worth reading: A look at indie author John Locke's new distribution deal with Simon & Schuster...(link below)

That's all I've got for now. I better go get supper on before poor Oldest and Mini Beast starvapate. ;o) Happy Thursday!


  1. I always hated having to deal with the bully's at my daughter's school. I knew the teacher wasn't going to do anything about it so I got permission to be in the classroom for part of the day for a week. I didn't say anything the first few times this girl pushed my daughter around or started yelling at the other kids and the teacher did nothing but each day I went and talked to the principal and told her what I had seen. I told them i was going to the school district if my daughter wasn't moved out of that class room and they finally moved her because I was bothering them about it so much.

  2. Ugh. I feel your pain. I've already talked to them once about this bully, so if it happens again, I'll pull him from the class. The thing is, he also rides the bus with this kid. That's why I've been picking him up from school. To give him a breather in the afternoons. :/

  3. I am a binder freak. I have something like 37 and a half binders in my office. lol. I thought of taking pictures of mine as well, so we'll have to compare. Neat!

    So glad mini had a good day. I remember my own school days and so glad the minute I left high school and went to college. Still bullies, but their methods change and are easier to deal with and stop in a college setting.


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