Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mushrooms, Strawberries, and Dandelions

I woke up with a severe migraine this morning which is kind of lousy, but I'm not going to let it stop me from having a good day. Mini asked me to hang out with him in the den this morning and watch Beyblade with him, so as soon as the two songs I bought off Amazon had finished downloading, I shut down the comp, took my pen and notepad to the living room and watched TV with him.

By the time hubby made it home from work at noon, I had both Sassie pup and Mini snuggled in the fuzzy Harley Davidson blanket on the couch. The living room gets pretty cold now thanks to the new air conditioner. Hey, I'm not complaining. Better snuggled in a blanket than roasting alive in this heat. Just a few days ago, the thermometer out at hubby's job site read 108 in the shade. This heatwave is serious business.

I need to take new pictures of my Second Life skybox. It's been a while since I switched the scene to something new, but recently changed it to the fairy - fantasy setting. I bought these red cap mushrooms, and giant strawberries that are actually chairs. Very cute. I also bought a hollow log that emits little yellow fireflies. On the night time setting, it's absolutely beautiful.

Strawberry and Mushroom seats!
You can click the pictures to make them larger.

Hmm. I couldn't seem to get a good picture of the firefly emitting log. I'll try again later. I don't spend as much time exploring in Second Life as I used to. I mainly go in to check on my book booth rentals, and pay any rent fees. Occasionally Cassie and I go in to chat and do free tarot readings for fun. We don't spend nearly as much time inworld as we did that first year. Still, it's fun to go in now and again to play in some of the heavily decorated sims when I have the time. 

On to writerly things...I wrote about 500 words this morning. I need to transfer all of that from my paper notebook to my word file, and will do that shortly. Tonight I'll do another writing sprint. No title for this one yet, but I've jotted down a few ideas. It's the fantasy/sci-fi erotic romance short I'm working on for EC - at least I hope turns out relatively short. We'll see. It's just something fun and sexy to work on while I'm sorting out the Shivers story. 

Anyway, I better close for now and find out what the guys plan to do today. I know what I plan to do today - go see Fright Night! Maybe I can talk the guys into going with me?  (Oldest, for sure.) Happy Saturday, everyone!

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