Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, Memories, and Writing Opportunities

Happy birthday to my Oldest, who turns 20 today. We had a joint birthday party on Saturday, then I took him shopping at the mall. So today, it was a birthday lunch of guacamole burgers instead of another party. Overall, I think he had a very good birthday. I know I did.

Today paid bills and cleared out my dresser and closets, and my growing shoe collection. Everything is bagged and in my car to take to mom, who is going to drive all this stuff to the Rolling Hills charity shop this weekend. I also cleaned out Mini's room, and now just need to tackle hubby's dresser. Oy, that's the one I'm dreading. That man has a ridiculous amount of shabby old T shirts that he loves and bemoans if I mention throwing some of them away. Or in this case, donating them. And honestly, he needs the dresser space. I can barely close the top drawer as it is.

Tonight I'm gonna do a few timed writings and see what I come up with. My writing binder now has quite a few pages of notes. I have my plot points now, and I know the direction of my story. I just need to address a few specific issues - setting namely. And how it affects the pacing.

Speaking of writerly things, there are a lot of good opportunities around the corner for established and unpublished writers.

Passionate Reads is hosting a Got Pitch? contest. Interested in pitching your story to Grace Bradley at Ellora's Cave?  The link is here:

Also, there is a Harlequin Special Edition Happy Holidays contest coming up. Have you ever wanted to submit to write for Special Edition?  This is worth a look!

The Harlequin Mills & Boon New Voices contest starts September 13th. Go here for details:

That's it for now. I'm off to walk the Sassie pup before the rain starts. Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Men always seem to have a ridiculous amount of well worn t-shirts that they don't want to get rid of even if you replace them with new ones.

  2. Oh gosh, that's the truth! I have my own ridiculous collection, but when they start looking cruddy they have to go. Hubby, bless him, will wear them until they look like nothing but a thread is holding them together. LOL


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