Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Land Where They May

It's been a looooong day. Thankfully it worked itself out, and for the most part ended up a pleasant day. It definitely didn't start out that way, though.

First thing this morning, Mini had a melt down over breakfast. He didn't want to go to school, and started crying. All because of the bully in his class - grrrrr! The same effing kid from last year.

When my kid starts crying and doesn't want to ride the bus - my kid, who is a car/vehicle/wheels fanatic and loves to ride  - I know something is wrong. I told him to forget about the bus, I'd give him a ride to school. Instantly he beamed and asked - you'll pick me up too? You betcha I will. Every freaking day if I have to.

He didn't want to ride the bus because that little brat that torments him all the time also rides his bus. So, from morning til afternoon this kid is a pain in Mini's ass. He never gets a break from him.

I went to school with him, and asked his teacher outright if I needed to move him to another class. She said, "Oh, no...I think this is what happened." (And her version was not what Mini said.) Of course, she only "thought" that must've been what happened, because of course, she wasn't watching. She was there when Mini told her there was an issue, but she could only piece 2 and 4 together. So what does her version of the events mean to me?  Absolutely squat. Because she saw about as much of the incident as I did - which is another way to say she didn't see a damn thing.

I told her I wanted the kids separated, period. If I hear one more story of that kid tormenting my kid, I'm going to the principal to have him pulled from that class. My kid shouldn't have to worry about being harassed by that little dip, and honestly, I'm not going to put up with it.

Earlier this afternoon, when I picked Mini up from school, he was jazzed and smiley. Great grades on his papers, no homework, and a star on his behavior chart. Once we were in the car, he admitted to me that the bully hadn't been in class today. He was sick or something. Anyway, Mini's happiness was very noticeable. Something I'll be keeping in mind as the week goes on.

The rest of the afternoon was peaceful and relaxing - something much needed at that point. I'm one step away from a prescription for Paxil. I wish I was joking about that. Hubby arrived home, and family stuff commenced: dinner, TV, chat time, etc.  and I ended up making a dash to the store for a few things.

Now the house is quiet, and everyone is in bed but me, Oldest, and the kippy cat. Okay, truth told kippy cat is sacked out on the couch, but it still counts. ;*) I'm doing laundry, and listening to my hair metal and grunge playlist. For the first time all day, I can sit back and taking a few minutes to enjoy the good news from earlier today: I wrote close to 3k today on my latest wip. And, one of my horror stories was accepted for an upcoming anthology. Woot! I don't have the green light to post about the antho or show off the cover yet, but as soon as I'm able to, I will.

On another note, I have a good chunk of my new erotic romance novel mapped out as of this afternoon. I have the beginning and ending scenes roughly sketched out, and an entire plot skeleton to work with. After I finish blogging tonight, I'm going to hit one more writing sprint to bring up my word count for the day, and then work on pulling my fast draft sheets together for a bit. Makes it much easier to hammer out that first draft if I'm prepared. I'm really in love with the idea of this story, and hope I can tackle all the angles and do it justice.

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